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Let’s Pick-Under The Covers, With The Dead

Jerry was a major folkie and bluegrasser.

He brought that to the band early on.

Here’s a 3 Fer of them woikin an old jugband tune and two bluegrass tunes all to hayall, off of their first vinyl from ’67 or so.

New, New Minglewood Blues. We still do this at jams and at camp jams. It’s a classic, and old jugband number from turn of the century, 1899-1900. 😉

N here’s one of the most covered bluegrass tunes in history, n still done at jams n fests, altho not quite like Capt. Trips did it. I think, I like Jimmy Martin doin it, but I like this better. It rawhks!

Easily my fav Greatful Dead tune of all time, and my fave blue, new and folkie grass tune of all time. Del McCoury nailed this one, Jerry N The Boys did too, long ago in ’67.

N that’s that, I’m Pickin N Sangin, hope you are too.


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Larue-Clique Member Since LibbyGate

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