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Lakeside Diner

Milwaukee Road Diner (Photo: Univ. of Washington, flckr)

The coffee’s freshly ground, there’s a wide selection of teas and the sticky buns are homemade.

  • Keith and Iraq veteran Scott Olsen — the Occupy Oakland protester who suffered brain damage at the hands of Oakland police — discuss his health, how Olsen got involved in the movement and what he envisions the next steps of the movement will be.”
  • “Israel’s government has cancelled a public relations campaign aimed at encouraging Israelis living in the US to return to the Jewish state after a wave of complaints.” Mayhaps the ex-pats aren’t too fond of your ultra right wing governing, Bibi.
  • Italy’s cabinet adopted a package of tax hikes and pension reforms worth 24bn euros ($32 billion) in a rush to ease a crisis that is threatening the eurozone, government sources said.” Yeah, keep drivin’ that bus towards the cliff. That would be the bus the confidence fairy cut the brake lines on.
  • “Environmentalists chant “Down With Canada” as expectations are low for COP17 climate talks.”
  • Mr Robert takes us on a stroll over some really old streets in Beirut.

Editorial cartoon.

Marx in the Morning

Richard D Wolff, one of the few Marxist economists in the US, has a 4 session course on the basics of Marxian economics. It’s not about socialism or communism, it’s about capitalism. Prof Wolff will put a lot of what a lot of people believe of Marxist theory to rest in the first session. The link below will take you to the 1st session. The 1st session is in 6 parts, the other 3 are in 8 parts. The 1st session is an hour and a half. Sessions 2-4 are about 2 hours each. My link will put you on an autoplay link, after the 1st part plays the 2nd follows automatically. There’s a link like that for all 4 sessions and they look like this on YouTube:

‘Intro to Marxian Economics’ – Session 2

“Intro to Marxian Economics” 2 (1of8) – Richard D Wolff
“Intro to Marxian Economics” 2 (2of8) – Richard D Wolff
“Intro to Marxian Economics” 2 (3of8) – Richard D Wolff

Session 1.

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