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I can’t believe someone is finally calling out Countrywide. Back in 2006 to 2008 they had us refinance 4 times. they would call us and I would explain that my husband was out of work and we had no income so we couldn’t refinance. they told me not to worry they would take care of everything.

On one of our loans we were away and they asked us to drive to our state border to sign the papers at 10:00pm at a rest area. Of course we said no. So they came to our home the next day but my husband didn’t like the interest rate so we didn’t sign the papers. Our loan officer called us that night and said that this was just a band aid loan that we should sign the papers and in a couple of months they would give us a new loan with a low interest rate. Well the next day they came out again and we signed the papers but we couldn’t date anything they told us not to write anything in for the date.

I even asked them how are they giving us these loans can’t they see that they just paid off our credit cards and know there maxed out again and all they would say was don’t worry.

I realize we need to take some of the blame but my husband was out of work and they would keep calling us until we gave in. then it got to the point we couldn’t pay our mortage and back then they told us to apply for what they called a hardship loan. We got all the information they asked for and faxed it to them. They would tell us to wait 2 to 3 mths so we would then we called and they said they never received our paperwork.

I applied for that at least 6 times over 2 years so we ended up being 2 years behind. Then Bank Of America took over and tryed to foreclose. We had to file chapter 13 then chp 7. Then with help from our Attorney Generals office we applied for a modification loan. They put us on a trial for 6 mths we were paying the 1600.00  a mth  early every mth then they took it away they said there was a problem with the papework.

We were ready to walk away and they mailed us a new modification loan for 2100.00 a mth. But my husband got sick and we asked for help and haven’t heard from them. My husband since got approved for SSDI. But noone will work with us. When Countrywide had our mortage it was at 170,000.00 now we owe 410,000.00. Why are we suffering and countryWide is getting away with fraud. We found our loan papers from them and noticed they put down that we had 10,000 in the bank and that our mthly income was 4,00.00.

There must be someone that can help us get  justice for what they did and how they took advantage of a family that was only trying to save the only home there kids have lived in. Please let me know of anyone that is filing a case against them. I think they would like to see my loan papers.

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Cheryl Riley

Cheryl Riley