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NC: state legislator Marcus Brandon debates ill-informed, anti-gay pastor about amendment

It was an hour of my time that I could say I want back, but in the end, it was good to hear the level of ignorance of the separation of church and state during a debate on the Spectacular Radio Show today. It was between well-known local pastor, Dr. Patrick L. Wooden, Sr. of the Upper Room Church of God in Christ in Raleigh, NC and state legislator (and our only out lawmaker in the lege), Rep. Marcus Brandon (D-60, Guilford County)  who is working with the coalition to Protect NC Families.

Hosts Gary Jones and Phyllis Coley did a fair job of giving time to both sides and the callers; sadly, Wooden and too many of the latter were in favor of the amendment, based on the usual religious objections, and even flat-out idiocy. Some of the low lights:

  • Pastor Wooden spent time explaining to us about Adam and Eve and procreation to justify the amendment
  • He stated statistics (providing no source) that gay men in relationships have 8 partners outside of relationship. Too bad no one asked him about Herman Cain’s fidelity.
  • He compared same-sex marriage to pedophilia.
  • Wooden said that gay couples in states where marriage is legal have divorced, therefore they shouldn’t be able to marry in NC. What about 50% het divorce rate? Besides, this amendment is not about giving gay and lesbians the right to marry — it’s about banning it through a constitutional amendment.
  • My favorite howler from Wooden: “They are going to have to teach anal sex in the public school classroom” if gays can marry.
  • And in a bizarre bit of business, Wooden tried to cite statistics to prove that states with marriage equality have less vital economies than those with marriage discrimination amendments. Where do they get this garbage?
  • Host Phyllis Coley asked Wooden why this amendment is on the ballot since same-sex marriage is already illegal in NC. Wooden: “We have to protect marriage from activist judges.” STALE, #FAIL. Perhaps he forgot about those “activist judges that  ruled in Loving v Virginia in 1967?

Marcus Brandon did an excellent job of addressing the hypocrisy of the religious objection, noting Wooden has not called for an amendment to ban adultery and divorce, two sins that are in the Bible, as well as throwing back in Wooden’s face charges that the black civil rights movement has nothing to do with LGBT rights, saying ?“these are all false arguments; Rosa Parks was tired because she was treated differently…That is what the civil rights movement was about.”

We need more of these debates broadcast around the state in order to expose the fraudulence of these anti-gay arguments fomented by religion-based bigotry. People need to see that there is no rational reason to support this amendment; it’s based on personal views and animus.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding