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Yves Smith, 2012 Anti-Austerity Candidate for President

Both banker-run parties will run pro-austerity candidates for President next year. An anti-austerity candidate could beat them, or come close and scare the bankers sh!tless. But that candidate would have to present him or herself well and have very solid credentials. With credibility in the eyes of voters, some money, and facing off against Obama and Gingrich/Romney, who have money but no credibility, watch out. With our economy stuck in this deep recession, while we see austerity depressions in any country that tries that crazy policy, watch bankers shake in their boots at the prospect of anti-austerity taking over in 2012.

Assuming Paul Krugman would never leave his perch at the New York Times, that leads me to Yves Smith of Naked Capitalism fame. I haven’t lost my thing for James Galbraith, but, I don’t know, Yves is just more real, more ‘my mom’, less bearded professor type-ish. I had only read her and never heard her before, and, wow, she comes off very user-friendly, calm, and in command. The ‘video’ link below is the first of four from a late October Harry Shearer radio show. She’s expert and clear about but not shying away from the complexity of the whole economic mess, from the mortgage crisis to the European debt/austerity disaster.

C’mon Yves, think about it!

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