Women Who Love Herman Who Loves Women

While Herman Cain stalls for time, extending out his campaign because he has books to unload, his campaign attempts a Hail Mary pass (Mary being someone Herman hasn’t banged … or at least she hasn’t come forward yet. It’s early.) by creating a Women For Herman Cain website  where women testify about how much they love the Herman  and what a sensitive and generous lover he is and how he should be President because he will love America long time sailor, and stuff like that.

Like this:

Angela Schudy
Nixa, MO

“I cannot believe you had time for an affair. If you are ill and fighting for your life,suffering through chemotherapy,how can you have time between hospital visits and family time? Wouldn’t you be too sick to participate in a make-believe affair? You are a triple threat to the Left!! I believe these “women” are looking for money and attention and have been groomed by the “Demonacrats” to be a bunch of bad actress’. The Left is desperate and they are low enough to break the law and lie. My husband and I are strong supporters. Don’t let the bad guys win. Don’t give up!! 999!!! :)”

Yes. it is true, these women have been groomed by the “Demonacrats” (technically The Democrat Machine) “to be a bunch of bad actress'” going back over thirteen years anticipating the inevitable Rise of Herman Cain Pizza Guy  Presidential campaign as was foretold in the Book of Improbabilities

It’s doubtful  whether this wimmens who luv Herman website will help his campaign at this late point  as his poll numbers are going down faster than one of his job applicants, but we can be sure that the Women For Herman Cain website will live on well after the campaign folds up it’s harem tents and exits the dusty campaign trail. It will serve as a testimony to Presidential dreams thwarted as well as a sort of eHarmony for Herman (eHermany!.. trademark that bitch!) to be consulted as he travels our great nation’s byways and highways giving inspirational speeches about leadership and success,only to go back to a cold and  lonely hotel room where his only company is some cold roomservice pizza and Cinemax After Dark.

Yes, we have all been there…

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