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“Women for Cain” Site Attacks “Husbandless” Accusers

Herman Cain is basically done as a Presidential candidate. His numbers have cratered in Iowa, and his wife, who didn’t know he was financially supporting the woman who accused him of a 13-year affair, wants him out of the race. In a week or so, he’ll be a footnote. So it’s nice to see he’s taking the classy way out by putting together a Women for Cain website designed to basically hurl unsubstantiated accusations and slander at his accusers.

Wait, did I say classy? I meant something else.

First of all, the “Women for Cain” pictured on the site are from a stock photo. Next, the site includes “testimonials” from Cain staffers women supporters like this:

“Dear Mrs. Cain Don’t pay attention to these pathetic husbandless women who are jealous of women like you in happy long-term marriages. These vindictive women can’t find a husband or keep one. They are like stalkers who try to latch on to any man who shows a bit of kindness or attention to them. When these unstable women come out of the woodwork to make accusations about Herman just say, “Honey, get a life, I believe my husband.” We want you to be our First Lady Mrs. Cain!”

There’s also an article on Herman Cain’s official Presidential campaign website comparing Ginger White to the accuser in the Duke lacrosse story:

Another thing that hasn’t been mentioned. How old are White’s children? She had a 13 year affair but was she busy having babies at the same time? Also this woman has a background more checkered than the woman who accused the Duke lacrosse team of rape. Remember how everyone jumped to the conclusion that her word was gospel, after all event the district attorney said the players were guilty. Today the accuser, who was proven to be certifiable, is in jail for stabbing her boyfriend to death as he slept. This is after she was in and out of jail for other offenses before the murder. Her background was paved with illegitimate children, battery, lies, prostitution, ad nauseum.

I’ve seen Cain at least 4 or 5 times make an accusation while simultaneously saying that he didn’t have any evidence to back it up. That’s what this site is about. It’s just a sounding board for slanders and smears against women who aren’t political actors. And, Cain attaches his wife’s name to this site, with her listed as the chair of “Women for Cain.” So he appropriates his wife’s name on the same day he’s meeting with her to go over how he kept from her for 13 years a relationship with a women that at the least involved secret financial support.

Nice way to end your Presidential campaign.

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David Dayen

David Dayen