Thursday Night Basset Blogging

Now that we are beginning to believe that Wembley might suffer from epilepsy, I have turned into one of those obsessive owners/pet parents who hovers around their petchild watching out for any signs of something gang aft agley. I was never this way with my human child, but then we were very fortunate that, besides the concussions, the hamstring tears, the dislocated joints, and assorted broken bones, the L&T Casey has always been as healthy as a horse: healthier actually, since, after she blew out a knee, we opted to have her go through physical rehab as opposed to having her euthanized on the field.

Parents of the Year, that’s what we are.

Anyway, the L&T Casey thinks we should get Wembley a little doggie bike helmet, just in case he takes a tumble. Not that he has far to fall…

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