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The Roundup for November 30, 2011

Two days of links! Incidentally, I’ll be on RT tonight at 6:00pm ET talking about Europe and the SEC. How is that possible if this posted just a few minutes earlier? Magic!

• Turkey sanctioned Syria today and threatened to have its military cross the border to impose a safety zone and protect protesters. Or in the legal sense of the term, they threatened an invasion. The White House backed Turkey’s actions today. Turkey has been acting cautiously with respect to Syria, but I think that has ended.

• This really sucks. Pressured by anti-woman theocrats, the Administration may backpedal and offer a conscience clause exempting Catholic churches, hospitals and universities from mandatory free insurance coverage of birth control. Ick.

• I think the AT&T/T-Mobile merger is just about done, after the FCC released a scathing report denigrating the claims of benefits to the merger.

• Now that their offer of Medicare cuts was rebuffed by Republicans who didn’t want to raise taxes in the bargain, Democrats plan to attack Republicans for supporting Medicare cuts. Best of luck with that strategy!

• Higher education is headed toaward a full-blown crisis, entirely basd around affordability. This is a real failure of the country.

• You will never truly get rid of earmarks. It’s like water or campaign donations from rich people.

• The Senate defused a cross-chamber fight on the defense authorization bill by agreeing to an amendment to allow military chaplains to opt out of same-sex marriages. This was a major bone of contention in the House GOP caucus. It means that only the President, seemingly, can stop the bill, and the detainee language.

• Dahlia Lithwick on Elena Kagan.

• Ron Wyden explains to Keith Olbermann how the Protect IP Act will kill the Internet.

• The health insurance exchanges could become a dumping ground for the sick by rich corporations, according to a new study.

• The Tea Party has lost its mojo.

• Andrew Sullivan cannot seem to help himself with his advocacy of race-based science. Gawker has a reader’s guide, but you only need to really read Ta-Nehisi Coates’ riposte.

• The Muslim Brotherhood has the early lead in the Egyptian elections.

• I thought Austan Goolsbee was actually pretty darn good on the euro crisis. It’s true, it comes down to growth, and there’s no way for southern Europe to get any and remain in the currency union.

• As a result of the storming of the British embassy in Teheran, the UK will expel all Iranian officials from its country.

• What’s worse, Rick Perry not knowing the national voting age or Herman Cain thinking that Britain and Germany are part of “the Americas”?

• The great Elizabeth Kolbert on fracking.

• Spencer Ackerman’s Wired piece on the racist FBI training sessions on Islam has borne fruit, as the Obama Administration announced a full review, citing FDL alum Ackerman’s work in the process.

• We all expected the right to turn the Wisconsin recall of Scott Walker into a sleaze-fest, we just didn’t know how bad it would get.

• Here’s the first civil suit in the Jerry Sandusky sex abuse case, and it doesn’t even involve someone who was previously part of the grand jury complaint. Includes hundreds of assaults, threats to family, etc. This is going to get ugly.

• At least the new Libyan leadership is coming clean about illegal detentions.

• A truly disgusting ad campaign out of Israel asks that people avoid marrying American Jews, because they will “lose their identity.”

• Is Siri anti-choice?

• Ivory Coast’s Laurent Gbagbo becomes the first ex-head of state in the custody of the International Criminal Court.

• You probably know about the raids on Occupy LA and Philly by now. The movement will survive, as movements like these always have after evictions from their occupation sites.

• Hillary Clinton’s big Burma trip is today.

• Turns out that spending money on the military is not as successful for jobs as spending money on domestic programs.

• Another reason to love Elvis Costello. The price of the box set of his that he’s telling people not to buy does seem ridiculous.

• Put me on team Terry Gilliam on this one.

• Om Malik mirrors my thinking on blogging. It’s about a point of view and presenting to the world what you find important.

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