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the fed did a bad bad thing…

Today, wednesday november 30 2011, the u.s. federal reserve – a private corporation in charge of the u.s. money supply and a big influence on the economy – decided to – as i understand it – promote the u.s. dollar by allowing other currencies to trade themselves in for u.s. dollars. This is currency manipulation. It also means that the u.s. policy is to make a one-world currency the reality of the privately owned corporation. This is more of a power grab than a move to take care of the public who are supposed to be the owers of their economy and destiny. What next? More debt.

And like compound interest, the fed is busy creating compound debt. Look at it this way; if you are building a multi story brick building, and it starts to lean, you throw more bricks on it? Or how about this… You build a multi floor building and the building starts to falter which – left unfixed – has the floors dipping and diving and cracking. So you figure that you can just fix the floors and everything will be ok. The problem with the economy is not DEBT – debt only appears to be the problem. The problem is circulation. Issuing money in the form of debt however will not fix the problem – thats throwing gas on the fire. Why? Debt creates a demand for more debt. And profiteering pulls cash out of CIRCULATION that prods only the idiots and greedsters to want to issue debt to a population that cannot possibly borrow. In short, the whole fed thing is basically a con job.

Solution? Tax profiteering. Its simple. And it will absolutely work. Guaranteed. The only people who oppose this are the greedy types who horde and seek to control the lives of others. When you put those types out of business, you can breathe again.

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