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The Daily Texan Gives Positive Coverage to Occupy Supply

In a quick follow up to my diary on Monday I wanted to post this short article from The Daily Texan, the student-run newspaper published at UT Austin.

Nick Hadjigeorge writes:

Occupy Supply, a national program organized by the blog Firedoglake, raised more than $100,000 to bring supplies to Occupy protests around the country and has given more than 100 items to Occupy Austin, including hats, socks, jackets and blankets.

The article includes this beautiful photo taken by Mary Kang, a Daily Texan staff photographer.

Photo Credit: Mary Kang, The Daily Texan

Photo Credit: Mary Kang, The Daily Texan

Head on over to the Daily Texan for the rest of the article.

To donate to Occupy Supply, click here.

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