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The Charlottesville, Virginia occupation was delighted to receive a package of winterizing goods from the Fire Dog Lake community (you can see some video here).

Support from a national organization with a huge and committed community of supporters is what the occupation needs to balance out the problems of local Mayor Dave Norris caving to teabaggers and businesses who view the occupy movement as a threat.

Tonight, that will be tested again. Here’s Charlottesville Mayor Dave Norris two weeks ago:

This is not Oakland. We’re not going to come in the middle of the night with riot gear and kick them out of the park.

Since then, local residents packed a local City Council meeting to support occupy, with more people in attendance than one long-time commissioner could ever remember seeing. With the public and a majority of the commission in support of the First Amendment, the mayor was not able to evict the occupation via the city council (NOTE: Charlottesville has a weak mayor system where the mayor is pretty much a glorified commissioner, but Dave Norris has gone beyond that to act like he’s mayor of New York City or something).

Tonight, Charlottesville has said they will begin bulldozing the camp at 6 PM and then start arresting people at 11 PM.

You can follow me on twitter for real time updates: @BobBrigham and follow the #OccupyCville hashtag.

Thanks again Occupy Supply and the Fire Dog Lake Community!

[UPDATE: The park was cleared around midnight. General Assembly tonight at 6pm at the Free Speech Wall (on the downtown mall).]
Heroes at #OccupyCville thank @JaneHamsher & @FireDogLake... on Twitpic

Heroes at #OccupyCville thank @JaneHamsher & @FireDogLake

Occupy Charlottesville Thanks Fire Dog Lake! on Twitpic

Occupy Charlottesville Thanks Fire Dog Lake!

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