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Diners; the ladies will arrive soon. (Photo: Lib. of Va. flckr)

The coffee’s freshly ground, there’s a wide selection of teas and the sticky buns are homemade.

  • Rupert may have lost out on adding BSkyB to his stable but he’s still gonna control the company. Controlling a plurality of shares will do that for ya, I guess. “James Murdoch has been re-elected BSkyB chairman, but a fifth of shareholders voted against his reappointment.”
  • “European finance ministers were warned on Tuesday night that Italy’s liquidity crisis could leave the eurozone’s third biggest economy insolvent with devastating impact on the fate of the single currency and its big core economies, Germany and France.” Does that mean I’m gonna be able to buy a pair of Italian leather shoes for 20 bucks?
  • Good Guide is a web-based index that scores products from food and beverage to apparel and appliances on their health, environmental and societal impacts, allowing consumers to be truly informed.” There’s even an app for scanning products. What will they think of next?
  • A blast from the past, 1929 to be exact. The 14th edition of Encyclopedia Britannica contained an article on Guerrilla Warfare by none other than T E Lawrence. You know who he was, right? Anyhow, it seems the Arabs and Afghans of the 21st century paid more attention to him than did the chorus line of US Army generals we sent over to fight the terrists.
  • What’s this situation like where you live? “About 300 female veterans are homeless in Hillsborough County. About 20 percent of women screened at Veterans Affairs facilities report sexual trauma. Florida has the third-largest number of female vets, with about 140,000.”

Question. How ironic is it that Standard and Poor’s has downgraded some of the biggest banks that peddled the shitpile that was enthusiastically rated as AAA by Standard and Poor’s and other rating agencies?

Get yer tissues out.

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