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Middle Class Caller To Hannity: You Don’t Care About Us

Tues Nov 29, 2011

Today a caller from New Jersey complained to Sean Hannity that he is no longer on the side of the middle class, no longer looking out for firemen, cops, teachers. Hannity said he used to be a middle class person, and that all his friends are middle class people. The caller said he wasn’t buying it because Hannity is so chummy with guys like Donald Trump and Chris Christie.

Hannity maintained he doesn’t hang out with the people he interviews, but that he does often attend events with them. He said that he hangs out at tennis courts with other parents, not Bar-B-Q’s at the Governor’s mansion.

Then Hannity said that the public should rely on rich people buying goods and services to help keep us employed. He asked the caller, who was a fireman married to a teacher, specifically what policy was bugging him. The caller said that this year he and his wife would be seeing more money coming out of his check as part of increased contributions to pensions and health coverage.

Hannity told the caller “welcome to reality”, saying this is how it is in the real world, where private sector workers traditionally contribute more out-of-pocket towards their benefits than state workers.

The caller had his volume squelched and was ultimately hung up on, so Hannity seemed as though he had made the superior argument. But Hannity neglected to mention that Governor Christie had actually carved out special tax breaks for millionaires who threatened to leave the state, enriching top earners as the working class struggle to get by on less.

Hannity basically told the fireman to stop whining about his loss in pay and benefits because the state is catering to the rich so they won’t threaten moving away and so the middle class can be lucky enough to serve them as they spend money.

This is of course, completely disprovable, utter horseshit – the middle class is what spurs real growth in spending, the rich have been hoarding money and both Hannity and Christie are regular attendees of events planned by secretive multibillionaire sugar daddies such as the Koch brothers and the Heritage Foundation.

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