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Michael Moore Exposed As A Fraud

Michael Moore is a fraud. Now that is a pretty strong statement and who am I to make it? After all, who am I? Little old, unknown me? After all, Michael Moore is a hero of working people. I know this because there is Michael Moore on on CNN, argueing with Sanjay Gupta for Single Payer. There he is again on MSNBC, speaking out for Occupy Wall Street. Or here on Democracy Now, giving his fine political spin. Not to forget his many fine documentaries. exposing the evil of corporate corruption.

Who am I, an unknown, a nobody making those kinds of scurrilous statements about Michael Moore, a hero of the progressive community?

I am the voice of dissent, that is who. The voice that never makes it onto CNN or MSNBC or Democracy Now. At this juncture, we can now expect the attacks of “Well he is a Tea Bagger” or “He is jealous of Michael Moore and an egoist.” Personal attacks are the last defense against people who make political statements. Satements that make those in power uncomfortable. Often personal attacks is all that they have, they have no political defense.

Now, on to the point at hand. Why I call Michael Moore a fraud.

Recently Truthdig, a progressive political blog released a story titled “OWS Organizers Question Intentions Of Secret Infinity Group” by Alexander Kelly on Nov 22nd, 2011. In it Alexander reports of “A secret faction has developed in the Occupy Movement, made up of a coalition of big-name celebrities and would be leaders, some of whom look determined to steer the movement in the direction of their choosing, including into the hands of traditional political forces.”

Alexander goes on further to point out that this “Secret Infinity Group” lacks transparency and that it attempts to allow those with money to have a greater influence in the direction of the movement and names Michael Moore as one of those people. This seems to be counter-intuitive to the aspirations and goals of the occupy movement. In fact it seems to be attempting to push the very kind of monied corruption that occupy was responding to in the first place.

This exposes Michael Moore for the fraud he is, in my own honest opinion. David Cyr commenting on TruthDig points out that “Michael Moore is a ‘progressive’ Democrat corporate party operative. The liberals who keep voting for the corporate party’s  Democrats so they can keep protesting against the corporate gangster government policies that they keep voting for.”

He further eloquently states “However in Michael Moore’s case, he gets a BIG bonus. Moore can keep making movie money documenting the catastrophic consequences of the sociopathic corporate party policies he persuading (D) herded sheeple to vote for.”

Mr Cyr makes the case against Michael Moore perfectly.

But then who is David Cyr and who am I? We ae just a couple of the little people. We have never gotten on CNN, MSNBC or any of the other corporate media outlets. Our voices of dissent are the ones that you are never allowed to hear.

Which is precisely why you should be listening. Do not listen to the siren call of those crooning to keep with the current rotten, corrupted system of pseudo democracy. Do not listen to those that are allowed, yes allowed to appear. Those who will convince you to keep up with the Kabuki Theatre of the Absurd that is this pretend democracy. It should be precisely because they are allowed to speak that you should think critically, on why they are allowed.

I wonder if I will get that Rachel Maddow interview now? What go you think are my chances?

To Speak  The Truth In A Time Of Universal Deceit, Is A  Revolutionary Act- George Orwell


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Michael Cavlan RN

Michael Cavlan RN