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Lakeside Diner

Sylvia Sweets Tea Room, 1939 (Photo: Lib of Cong)

The coffee’s freshly ground, a wonderful selection of teas and the sticky buns are homemade.

  • “The United States regards Pakistan as a ‘free-fire zone’ in which it can violate the country’s sovereignty at will.” Stop the War Coalition’s John Rees discusses the latest incident of NATO airstrikes in Pakistan, which killed 24 Pakistani soldiers.
  • We all celebrated when Nelson Mandela was freed and the era of apartheid ended. Now it looks like the ANC has a slight problem with those who would criticize their governing style.
  • We know the tear gas being used against protesters in Egypt is made in the US, but is it the same tear gas used in, say, Oakland? The Egyptians think the gas used on them is more toxic than your run-of-the-mill chemical agent.
  • “As BAR [Black Agenda Report] predicted, gridlock – which has finished off the congressional SuperCommittee – was the last, best hope to prevent Barack Obama from consummating his marriage with the Republicans over the past year. In the interim, a new social movement has arisen. But it, too, is threatened by Obamite cooptation.” BAR Executive Director Glen Ford (no, not the actor, he’s dead) says To Hell With Obama and His Van Joneses.
  • “‘But when you say ‘Russia!’ the whole room should shout,’ he ordered.” Yeah, Putin has garnered his cult’s party’s nomination to run for President. What, the place wasn’t corrupt enough already?
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