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Kansas HS Student Won’t Apologize to Governor for Tweet

High school tweeter Emma Sullivan, citing free speech and Gandhi, will defy her high school principal and not apologize to Governor Sam Brownback for the supposedly hurtful things she twittered to her (then-60) Twitter followers, implying she spoke back harshly to the governor, called him out publicly for his views, and suggested he blows — a lot.

None of which, we suppose, is true. Or (until the governor’s director of communications demanded an apology) widely known — whether true or not.

The Kansas senior was instructed by her high school principal, Karl Krawitz, to turn into him — by MONDAY, young lady!!! — an apology to the governor, to the group that organized the Capitol tour, to her high school district, and to her high school.

Not gonna happen, Karl.

She will not apologize, Ms Sullivan tells the Associated Press as quoted in the NY Daily News.

Over the weekend, Sullivan received a huge swell of support. Her Twitter account grew from a few dozen followers (and updates about the movie ‘Twilight’) to more than 3200 followers as of Sunday night and a quote from Gandhi.

“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win,” she wrote.

Your move, Principal Krawitz. There’s still (barely) time to salvage your reputation here, with a contrite “I think we’ve all learned something from this…” message to the governor’s office. Or you continue your current embarrassing behavior by assigning detention or something. We’re waiting.

(support Emma Sullivan on Twitter at @emmakate988)

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Teddy Partridge

Teddy Partridge