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Getting to Know Occupy Houston

Gateway to Occupy Houston at Tranquility Park 

I have been following my local occupy for several weeks now and I attended my first GA last night. I don’t agree with every idea I’ve heard but I have heard some good ones. I have come to respect those that are constantly in attendance and admire their perseverance. Given time, some of the ideas expressed could become ongoing worthwhile actions.

Last week I attended this event:

Occupy Houston Study and Strategy Discussion

Nov. 19th from 2- 4:45pm in the Program Room of the Houston Public Library

Come out to this discussion where we will be addressing 3 main items:

1) Causes of the economic crisis
2) Finding concrete solutions
3) OccupyHous­ton – what comes next? – sustainabi­lity of the movement

A conference room capable of holding 200 people has been reserved for this public discussion (from 2 – 4:45 pm in the Program Room of the Houston Pubic Library).

Let’s come together to learn about and address these issues!

Moving through the stack.

I heard a lot of ideas I liked and a few I didn’t but what impressed me most was that this group is developing a vision that will give birth to a plan or several of them. These people are an example of the adage that “all politics is local.” A few speakers mentioned Wall Street or the big banks in passing but I did not hear a single mention of Washington­.  
Breakout group in City Hall Courtyard
After the stack and just as we were moving to breakout groups, the fire alarm sounded and we reconvened in the courtyard across the street in front of city hall.  I listened to some knowledgeable people discuss economics and sustainablility but ended up in a one on one with Tyler, a young man of boundless energy that I had met on my first visit to OH. 

Tyler is a man of grand visions at least a few of which are eminently doable.  I suspect that there are a few Tylers at every Occupy site.  I encourage everyone reading this to turn off your TV, shut down your internet and go visit the nearest Occupy site.  Start a conversation and listen, truly listen, to what they are saying.

The Occupy Movement will flourish and grow, not because of the vision of a national leader or two.  It will flourish and grow because of the vision of a hundred leaders or two hundred leaders in a hundred communities getting something done in their backyard, on their street, on their block and in their neighborhood. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Tranquility in the shadow of banks.

Last night I delivered a fried turkey and a box of warm stuff from Occupy Supply.  Our timing is good as we have a cold front moving in behind today’s rain.  No tents or tarps are permitted in Tranquility Park so our enemy is more rain than  cold.  Previous wettings  have been followed with warm, drying out weather.  That is about to change.

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