Sam Brownback sets a very bad example of what America is about. He undermines the Constitution of the United States. Worse yet, he jeopardizes the security of the troops fighting overseas by telling the world in so many words… THE REDS ARE COMING… u.s. soldiers being akin to the reds who must be fighting others to get them to be a part of or be like the other country that Brownback represents.

It gets better. Mr. Brownback has obviously decided that appearances are better than reality. That as genuine as free speech and freedom of expression are, PRETENSES ARE BETTER. That, fellow Christians, is the SIN OF VANITY. Next thing you know, he will be appointing his friends to a league of his own in defence of anything he considers objectionable. Didn’t momar, mubarek, and other savage terroristic dictators take the same shortcut for their self annointed holy righteous kingships?

Here’s the deal. With twisted minds like his, you don’t know where it all ends. Bush had the same brain-pattern. He lied to start an illegal war. Then he decided to torture people to get his facts out. Never mind that some or many were innocent. Just so much collateral damage. These mental types really don’t care. They are more concerned with adorning themselves with painted on respect than earning it. They are cowards.

Cowards like them live on and live in fear. Fear of losing what they have, or what they should have; aka what they feel entitled to. The reason for this is because what they have or should have…. they got without earning it rightly. And so they feel that those same things can just as easily be lost as they were “found”. So these types have no problem stealing property and rights and depriving others of needs. And once that pattern of behavior to appropriate and deprive from others hits high gear, there is no understanding of what the hell they’re doing what for… they are launched into their own psychotic orbit the same as the nutcases in yemen and syria are spinning in.

One more thing. Mista Brownback owes the people of the United States of America an apology for trashing and disrespecting the Constitution and people of the United States of America – even if he does live in his own country.



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