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From Occupy Tucson, Thanksgiving Day 2011.

Here for you Firedogs is a copy of an email I sent earlier today to my dear friend wendydavis by way of letting you all know how the movement is progressing down in Tucson (I have expanded on the original email by way of utter laziness in place of an actual post). Truth be told……one of the Hispanic women at Occupy Tucson brought me a large bowl of Posole (a SouthWest delicacy at holiday time, white corn, braised chicken, thin tomato based sauce, HOT, ladled over shredded cabbage spritzed with lime) along with the proper fixings, and I just want to get to that. First things first ya know?


Sent: Thursday, November 24, 2011 7:20 PM
Subject: Hey wendydavis

Just got back from downtown. Things are good there.

They put out a good spread at lunch time, turkey and fixings; and at 5pm they put out an incredible spread. People were filtering in all afternoon with donations, as well as to come and participate in the dinner. By 5pm there must have been a hundred homeless, plus another hundred newcomers/supporters plus all the Occupiers from the encampment.

They had two huge turkeys + a large ham + several restaurant sized platters of sliced turkey breast + so many side dishes and vegetables, 5 different bowls of stuffing, 5 different kinds of potatoes + gravy + salads. Even had a tofu turkey + a bunch of stuff for the vegans. Cases and cases of soda pop, + cases of different fruit juices.

People brought their kids. There was plenty to eat for everyone, seconds and even thirds for those who wished for them. We wound up with 40 pies. FORTY! Never have participated in a Thanksgiving quite like that. I have served donuts and coffee to those getting out of jail in the morning, and I have served meals to the homeless before at church functions including Thanksgiving. But never have I spent a Thanksgiving like this one, that actually felt like one; as bad as things are, and given the reasons that brought this unlikely group together in the first place.

The overwhelming support of the community was beyond my ability to relate to you FireDogs. Despite all our other problems; internal political schisms within the Occupy, legal matter stresses(we are now over 600 citations, each citation with a potential of $1000USD penalty + 6 months)…etc….. this day alone made up for a lot.

I played taxi service for a while to get people there, plus made a run for ice. It was all really nice. Really, really nice. I hope we can organize such a thing in the park again next year, regardless of political  or socioeconomic circumstances. Best Thanksgiving ever. Absolutely……the BEST F*ckin’ EVER.

Here is a Link to me speaking at a Tucson City Council meeting on Tuesday November 15th. If you have always thought that I was aggressive and intense in my writing, this should confirm for you that I am a professional asshole. I have been told that I came across as overly angry. We have a fight ahead of us here in Tucson, as we do everywhere else. The PTB are not about to relinquish any of their control, we are going to have to take what we wish to have back from them. All is before us now. All is possible. Keep the faith.

See Part II @ 24:20…………..

As an aside, I am also, thanks to the good graces of Firedoglake, functioning as an “Occupy Supply” liaison to Occupy Tucson. They are thrilled with the support. They are especially thrilled with the “branding” logo identifying the items as “Firedoglake Occupy Supply”. Thank you Jane, as well as Ryan and Kevin, all the volunteers,  and all the donors who are making this effort possible.

Please find a way to care for one another and share your love at every opportunity. Such is needed now more than ever before.

I will leave you cherished FireDogs with my favorite quote of all time…….

“Give us grace and strength to forebear and persevere. Give us courage and gaiety and the quiet mind. Spare to us our friends and soften to us our enemies. Give us the strength to encounter that which is to come, that we may be brave in peril, constant in tribulation, temperate in wrath and in all changes of fortune, and down to the gates of death, loyal and loving to one another.”

~Robert Louis Stevenson~


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