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Live Blog for #Occupy Movement: New Camps, More Evictions

City to city, officials are deciding it is time for occupiers to pack up and go home. And, city to city there are occupations that are just springing up or re-establishing themselves in new areas of cities.

Canada, for example, has at least four occupations facing eviction. Two have been evicted—Occupy Calgary had their tents removed by police and firefighters and Occupy Quebec City had their camp moved out by police and firefighters as well.

Various Calgary occupiers had their own personal property seized because they did not know authorities would be stopping by to evict them.

Occupy Montreal faces eviction, as the mayor has ordered the encampment to leave Victoria Square, but occupiers have not followed the mayor’s order.

In Toronto and Ottawa, occupations have been given eviction notices. The order to evict has not been enforced yet. They both have been waiting to see what happens as other Canadian occupations are taken down by authorities.

Back in the United States, Occupy Santa Rosa in California was raided by police early in the morning.

Two occupations re-established camps: Occupy Oakland setup in a large lot at 18th and Linden Streets in West Oakland. The lot adjoins a home that is supposedly facing foreclosure. As images and video of the pepper spraying of UC Davis students continues to be shared (and an Internet meme becomes a new craze), Occupy Davis setup a camp. And Occupy Newark just established a camp days ago.

Firedoglake’s premier live blog continues now. I am on a bus to Occupy Albany and will be covering this dynamic occupation this evening. Here is a Twitter list to follow for the latest.

7:38 PM Police shenanigans continue at Occupy Chicago

7:29 PM Here are a couple photos from Occupy Albany:

7:26 PM Visited Occupy Albany earlier. I brought FDL’s Occupy Supply fund to them and talked to some occupiers I interviewed about the campaign. I and FDL member Sarah went and picked up some batteries that were delivered to the occupation.

1:53 PM Washington Post has live updates from DC, where Occupy Wall Street protesters that marched from New York to DC are going to hold a press conference at Occupy DC and then go temporarily occupy an area near the Reflecting Pool on the National Mall

1:45 PM Chicago Mayor Rahm Manuel gets “mic checked”

1:19 PM First an officer told them they could have tents and then participants of Occupy Boulder were given citations. Add this to the other previous stories related to Occupy Denver and it seems like Colorado is one hard state to hold an occupation.

1:15 PM Los Angeles city wants Occupy LA off the city hall lawn and officials are hoping they have an offer the occupation cannot refuse. For $1/year, Occupy LA would have 10,000 sq. ft. of downtown office space. The city also claims they would give them a place to farm and “additional housing for the Occupy homeless contingent.”

1:08 PM Group tries to “mic check” President Obama at his New Hampshire speech. According to The Hill, Obama supporters started chanting, “Yes We Can” to drown them out. President Obama asked all to quiet down so he could speak.

Is this a preview of how the Occupy movement is going to come into conflict with volunteers for Obama’s re-election campaign throughout 2012?

1:07 PM Cedar Rapids occupiers refuse to take down tents after city orders them to clear lot they have been occupying

1:02 PM British Columbia government seeks an injunction against Occupy Vancouver. Premier says, “I think people are fed up with all this nonsense.”

10:54 AM Report on CUNY students’ protest against tuition hikes that resulted in police forcefully arresting students and pushing and shoving others who were trying to demonstrate.

10:47 AM City of Philadelphia offers Occupy Philly a permit for a new site with one caveat: no tents allowed at new site. Occupation has been facing the prospect of eviction.

10:40 AM Occupy Chapel Hill protested police brutality with candlelight vigil. City was the site of a terrifying police raid on a vacant building that resulted in people who were occupying being arrested for breaking and entering.

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Kevin Gosztola

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