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Lest We Forget: Sweet Musical Relief Reminding Us What We Are Fighting For

This song begins as a simple one of thanksgiving to those who so bravely work to defend our planet.  You could almost call it ‘a ditty’, but I won’t, because that might demean it, when it’s giving such clear voice to the tenets that have become core at most Occupies on the ground, both in their evolving practices and developing visions of the future.

We can so easily feel overwhelmed by outrage and anger at the galloping pace of the police state crackdown our tyrannical Ruling Elites are engineering in their first concerted efforts to quell the uprising.  We know that they will stop at nothing: they have too much at risk not to marshal all the tools at their disposal; the list is extensive.

Our outrage fuels our righteous activism, and it needs to spread throughout the land.  But it also must overlay the principles and values we know are key to every good thing humans might become as we honor our Creator, or honor Life, or just sustainably live and prosper, connected to one another and our planet, as your various beliefs may reflect.

I confess I was so in need of some touchstone, some image, some…mix of light and earth and water to ground me, and allow me to recall why we are fighting this good fight, each in the ways we are able. Unconsciously I pined for something to help me conjure a mind-picture that I’d be able to grab and hold onto for sanity in the days ahead when things will become darker and more dangerous for us.  And here came Xavier Rudd’s songs, courtesy of my friend Obey, to rescue my spirit just a little bit. There will be more reminder-songs, and more  to keep us steadfast; but for now…this one helps.

Dear Xavier turns to honoring those who nurture others for free, and share caring for one other, and then announces that

There is freedom around us
We have everything we need

Whooosh…profound and simple…if we use everything well, and live simply; cooperate, not compete…and share what we have, including information and wisdom and seeds and our labor and kind regard…

And doesn’t this sound like the General Assemblies?

We all have opinions
Some of them get through
But there’s better people
With more good to do.
What I have could be a message
Or just some words from my heart

He knows that better people can be doing more to help the world, given the chance; hell, many are pining to do more good things.

As we watch our brothers and sisters around the country resist the oppression that has become unbearable to so many of us in the knowledge that there will soon be far more to come, we can offer

Respect to the ones making changes
For other lives they’ll give their own

My friend says he would gladly give his life for our country; it makes my heart ache to hear him say it, but before this is all over, some undoubtedly will, whether intentionally or accidentally.  And we’ll send their spirits sailing aloft with our love…and regard.

“Give us grace and strength to forebear and persevere. Give us courage and gaiety and the quiet mind. Spare to us our friends and soften to us our enemies. Give us the strength to encounter that which is to come, that we may be brave in peril, constant in tribulation, temperate in wrath and in all changes of fortune, and down to the gates of death, loyal and loving to one another.”

~Robert Louis Stevenson~

Here’s a bit about Australian Xavier Rudd; he’s one of the Good Guys, and plays a didgeridoo.  ;o)  Discography here.  And his song ‘Anni Kookoo’, both a personal and general Australian more general narrative of how we became..what we are.

Peace to us all; and love all those you can.

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