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The Roundup for November 21, 2011

A housekeeping note: I’m on a plane Tuesday, so expect only a few posts in the morning. The rest of the week I’ll be with family over the Thanksgiving holiday, so posting will be light. And now…

• More on this Tuesday AM, but the big news is that the President will veto ANY effort to kill the automatic cuts triggered by the failure of the Super Committee. And he kind of sets it up as a way to start the clock until the time the trigger goes into effect, on January 1, 2013. So it’s another Super Committee of sorts, known as Congress.

• Not sure I buy this number, but according to a consulting firm, the top 10 biggest banks could lose up to $185 billion from people moving their money to community banks and credit unions.

• In a way, I’m proud that nobody I saw picked up Jonathan Chait’s troll-bait on liberal disappointment. People really don’t understand history. There were also people who didn’t approve of FDR – from the left – at the time, Jon. And they helped push legislation in a more progressive direction. It’s part of politics. Sheesh. And nice backhanded tagging of Occupy Wall Street as anti-Semitic.

• I will admit that Democrats did far better dispensing with the Balanced Budget Amendment than they did in 1995, but that’s because the party is more ideologically coherent now.

• This is at least the fourth time I’ve heard about peace talks with the Taliban in Afghanistan or Pakistan. This time they’re REALLY starting, I guess.

• This New York City “Lone Wolf” terrorist announced last night was such a dicey case, the FBI wouldn’t even take it up because they feared “entrapment.” Sounds like Bloomberg uses terrorism announcements the way George W. Bush did.

• Now there’s a report about a new sex abuse allegation on the Penn State campus. Don’t worry, Louis Freeh is looking into it. And in the most hateful moment of the day, students at an area high school bullied an alleged victim of Jerry Sandusky’s out of school.

• Looking at the Hotline’s Senate rankings, I’m not seeing the need for despair by Democrats. If they pick up Massachusetts and Nevada, Republicans taking back the Senate will be a real stretch.

• You can be part of a real live filibuster at Put your name on a petition against the Protect IP Act and Ron Wyden promises to read it into the record when he tries to hold up the bill.

• Work sharing is a very solid idea.

• Mitt Romney’s run of high-profile endorsements signal that he could be gaining traction toward the nomination. And he’s looking to provide the knockout punch in Iowa. And seriously, his biggest obstacle to that could be not Newt Gingrich, but Ron Paul. Seriously.

• Now even Larry Summers is talking about how to stop inequality. I guess the fact that one in three Americans are poor or “near poor” must have gotten to him.

• Aung Sun Suu Kyi is running for the Burmese Parliament.

• The UC-Davis chief of police has now been put on leave. Maybe she can write the total Scoville unit of pepper spray 25,000 times. The rally at UC-Davis sounded pretty intense, too.

• Libya has now captured the former intelligence chief of Moammar Gadhafi.

• AIG’s Hank Greenberg sets the record for audacity today by suing the US government over the AIG bailout for $25 billion. Nice gratitude.

• Given that they came from the Washington Times, I’m disinclined to believe these Dale Kildee sex abuse allegations right off the bat. That they allegedly happened 50 years ago also makes it dubious.

• Another EPA delay, this time on greenhouse gas rules for oil refineries.

• Wow, Jan Brewer is going to go ahead and re-impeach the redistricting commissioner she was told she could not impeach the first time.

• Good for McDonald’s and Target.

• Wait, the Alabama immigration law wasn’t supposed to get a German arrested!

• Brad Plumer elaborates on the very real pain associated with the trigger cuts, in particular the NON-defense ones.

Occupy Davos. Loving this.

• Here’s Shepard Fairey’s new Hope poster.

• Richard Branson – Richard Branson! – says capitalism has lost his way.

• The best House committee witness ever.

• OK, I would tune into the Obama classic.

• Sarah Kliff bravely defends Big Tomato Paste.

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