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Pastor-Led Jobs March in Minneapolis and Brutal Dictators: What Ties These Two Disparate Things Together?

Ha! Made you look. Of course, the high-spirited and high-minded activists associated with the Reverend Paul Slack, pastor of New Creation Church, and Minnesotans for a Fair Economy, are nothing at all like the brutal dictators currently trying to smother the Arab Spring. The dictators have a bit more in common with those who are trying to suppress, via arrests, pepper spray, LRAD, rubber bullets, and increasingly draconian free-assembly restrictions, activists like those associated with the Rev. Stack and in the Occupy movement nationwide. In fact, the dictators say that they are inspired by how the elites and their servants are working to smother the Occupy movement:

Juan Cole explains that the latest unrest was sparked by new constitutional guidelines that would give the military the upper hand by having them appoint 4/5 of the constituent assembly charged with writing the constitution, and allowing the military a veto prior to the referendum. It was a clear thumb on the scale of democracy. And the military has responded to this challenge on their power with serious violence, inspired, in their words, by Occupy Wall Street.

“We saw the firm stance the US took against OWS people & the German govt against green protesters to secure the state,” an Egyptian state television anchor said yesterday (as translated by the indispensable Sultan Sooud al Qassemi).

As a lady named Mary Harris Jones once said: Which side are you on?

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