By Jerry Waxman




Mmm  mmm  mmm  Would you like to take a walk?

Mmm  mmm  mmm  Do you think it’s gonna rain?


Thursday, Nov. 17 in Orlando did not start out as the most promising day. At 1:30 PM the sky was overcast and the threat of rain was imminent. The AFL-CIO had originally scheduled the day as an action to call attention to America’s crumbling infrastructure by demonstrating on bridges in many cities throughout the country. Occupy Orlando and many other occupations were quick to lend their support and, as witnessed in OWS in New York, the results were spectacular. The police actions the previous day only intensified OWS efforts on the Brooklyn Bridge complete with their own bat signal for encouragement.


Orlando’s action was not that spectacular. The clouds lifted by 4:00 which was a relief as the action was called for at 5:00. The spot chosen was in the southwestern part of Orlando at the Conroy Rd. Bridge over I-4 which leads into the Millennia Mall, the newest symbol of the upscale 1% big box stores hungry for your dollar. Occupation members joined the members of the AFL-CIO in sign waving and chanting for over an hour. The Orlando press was out in force, with all TV stations as well as the local Univision unit and the Orlando Sentinel interviewing anyone they could as the sun slowly faded into the western sky. The crowd of approximately 100 eventually migrated toward the eastern end of the bridge at the entrance to the mall. Passersby in cars honked continuously in support. Sure, there were a few who shouted “Get a job!” as they drove by, but they were few in number. At 6:00 the assembled waved and chanted for the cameras. And that was it-on to other things


mmm…mmm…mmm aint you tired of the talkies.

I prefer the walkies; something’ good will come from that

Would you like to take a walk By Harry Warren, Mort Dixon, Billy Rose



Other Matters



I’m in touch with my attorney Bernie

In a clutch he can speed right to the scene

and if I’m locked up in the jail

with just one phone call for my bail

He said to call his club collect

or deal directly with his answering machine

Any occupation needs a good legal team, and the Orlando Occupation is no exception. To quote another line from Dave Frishberg, “It’s amazing all the different things your average guy might need a lawyer for.” Orlando has an exceptionally hard working legal team that will be in court on Monday, Nov. 21 to plead the first 18 arrestees not guilty of the trespassing charges from the first evening of arrests several weeks ago. On Saturday, the Occupation also hosted a teach-in on how to handle foreclosures, hosted by Brevard attorney Carol Bess. Many members of the Occupation are just average people who have been hit by hard times and need legal help to avoid their homes being foreclosed on. Bess has made a career of foiling the bank’s attempt to take peoples’ homes, and apparently she’s good at it. She derives pleasure out of putting the screws to the financial institutions and makes no bones about calling most of the big banks incompetent. Her teach-in was recorded and here is part one and here is part 2.


Her schedule brings her into Orange County several times a week and she’s willing to consult with anyone on their foreclosure problems. She has offered to host more teach-ins and anyone interested in her services should look for future events featuring her on the website,


Bernie tells me what to do; Bernie lays it on the line.

Berne says we sue, we sue; Bernie says we sign…..we sign

On the dotted line!©

My Attorney, Bernie  By Dave Frishberg

Jerry Waxman

Jerry Waxman