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Is NOM’s newest fake victim hiding something?

The National Organization for Marriage has a new phony victim of the so-called gay plot to “silence Christians.” And like their past other fake martyrs, his story is highly suspect.

If we are to believe the video, which I refuse to post to my blog (you can see it here if you like), Damian Goodard is a freelance sportscaster who was fired from Rogers Sportsnet (a Canadian company) earlier this year for allegedly tweeting against marriage equality.

Now some folks have been quick to point out that this has nothing to do with marriage equality in America. Of course the religious right combats that with the “slippery slope” argument. Others have said that this situation is a free speech issue. And that could be.

But then there is a third argument which needs to be explored.

According to Jeremy Hooper from, Sportstnet is saying that Goodard was fired for “a number of well-documented reasons” which the company will reveal should Goodard seek legal action. A representative of Sportsnet also said that Goodard is aware of those reasons.

As it is known, Goodard has not sought legal action.

And that leads me to ask, just what is he hiding?

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Alvin McEwen

Alvin McEwen