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The pepper spraying of UC Davis students by Lieutenant John Pike (and at least one other police officer) has spawned an Internet meme.  [comments by Scarecrow]

(via Matt Uebel on Google+)

Pretending a thing is something it’s not has been the theme of the now failing Super Committee.  We have the GOP pretending that making the rich pay more in taxes won’t reduce the deficits, the Dems and Obama claiming it’s okay to reduce Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid benefits if we repeal tax deductions for yachts, and the Washington Post pretending the Super Committee’s failure to impose austerity during a fragile recovery is a bad thing.

Then there’s the 26 million unemployed.  They’re waiting for help, isolated, ignored, as Congress has failed to address their needs.

(via Billy Galbreath on Google+)

So you think that’s Lt. Pike doing his thing at the signing of the Declaration?  Nope.  It’s Grover Norquist dealing with proposals to raise revenues.

(via Chris Green on Google+)

The above photo is now out of date.  The Pentagon is now working to replace the Lt. Pike anti-insurgency unit with a remotely controlled drone controlled from Virginia.  See Yemen.

Austerity means we’ll have to defund the arts, holidays, and parks. Lt. Pike delivers the news.

For more pictures with the Lt. Pike meme, visit this post on

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