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UC Davis and Penn St; Different But the Same

I was as appalled, as every other rational person who holds a shred of human decency in their hearts, by the events at UC Davis on Friday. The video of that vicious attack on non-violent protestors by riot gear armed thugs police turned my stomach.

My daughter (22yr old cum lade Pitt grad with two degrees and an international studies certificate) called me this morning. Sorry for the proud Daddy bit, I couldn’t resist. She had not heard about the incident yet so I told her about it. She is an activist, especially in the realm of women’s rights. She asked me if it was like Kent State to which I replied, “Yes just with pepper spray instead of live ammunition.” That conversation leads me to draw another parallel, one between the Penn St. child abuse scandal and the UC Davis Attacks. I’m glad we are not calling it the UC Davis Massacre.

Taxpayer paid authority figures on a state owned university campus heinously abusing kids while some stand idly by and do nothing to stop it while others higher up in the administration cover it up or excuse it.

This sounds like both incidents to me. Now I am one of those people who believe that the “thin blue line” makes nearly all cops culpable, if not criminal accessories, to police over reaction and excessive acts of violence. I can’t recall ever seeing a video clip of police abuse where any cop tries to stop another cop from committing unprovoked acts of violence towards citizens. The clips from UC Davis bear that out.

I was at Quantico in March for the protest and rally in support of Bradley Manning. Not one cop there showed the slightest objection to the authorities reneging on their promises to let us place flowers at the publicly accessible Iwo Jima memorial outside the gates of the base. Not one cop showed the slightest objection to the manhandling of national hero Daniel Ellsberg a decorated and respected public servant and veteran Ret. Col. Ann Wright or 30 other non-violent protestors.

The only real difference between the two campus incidents is the amount of outrage espoused by the corporate owned MSM, dido heads and dogmatic conservatives. I found the lack of concern and action to stop the unprovoked pepper spray attack by the other police officers even more disturbing than the actual attack itself.

Why wasn’t the chancellor fired or placed on immediate administrative leave or the campus police officer(s) suspended? These are the things that came down, and rightly so, at Penn St. yet the only response to the attacks at UC Davis are the announcement of a yet to be formed commission to investigate the incident and report back in 90 days.

As a parent, I would have a hard time drawing a distinction between Jerry Sandusky abusing my child or campus police abusing my child by spraying pepper spray down his throat and then brutally arresting him for expressing his Constitutional right to free speech, peaceful assembly, and to address the government for grievances.

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