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Mike Check for President!

Lambert Strether presented the idea of running a write in campaign for Mike Check in his post on the UC Davis pepper spray incident this morning ( I think this is a great idea! What do you think?

Some of you will remember my posts on the No Confidence Protest Vote 2012 earlier this year ( and These posts were made before the Occupy movement began. Now that we have a powerful populist movement it is time to revisit the idea of a protest vote in context of the movement.

Mike Check is the perfect “candidate” in many ways. Sure it actually sounds like a name, but more importantly it is a powerful symbol. It is a symbol of the people’s voices. It is our chance to occupy the election, and if it has enough support, symbolically occupy the White House as well. It is a way to use the symbols of the movement to make a powerful symbolic statement during the election cycle.

Yes, there would be significant legal issues involved in getting the votes actually counted and reported. That doesn’t matter. Would you rather continue voting for the legacy parties and their corporate overlords? We have a strong and growing movement with significant legal support. This opportunity should at least be considered seriously before it is discarded.

If you like this idea help get it going on Twitter using @MikeCheck2012, #MikeCheck2012, #OccupyTheElection, etc. You can also retweet this tweet:!/MikeCheck2012/status/138293529230319617.

UPDATE: I originally attributed the link and idea to Yves Smith. That was incorrect. Lambert Strether deserves the credit instead. My apologies to Yves and Lambert.

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