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Traditional Father Carving Traditional Thanksgiving Turkey

Thanksgiving’s a wonderful time of the year, good food, good family, good friends. Good games, too, and always the good stories.

We all have our traditions, many of which we are quite inflexible about (in our house, my father had to carve the turkey, there never was any turkey carving training for the young ones, this was serious work). And yet as I look back over the years, I’m surprised to find how many “traditions” are relatively new to our celebration, like the Mud Bowl football game, not watched but played. Or lately going over to the neighbors and meeting up with friends for a festive dessert potluck.

One couple I know always watches the same movie after Thanksgiving dinner, sending the kids out with their friends. An aunt always sits down the Saturday after to write out her Christmas cards. And at our house, always the football games and leftover sandwiches. Oh, and the ritual making of the turkey soup starting late Thanksgiving night.

One of the nicest transitions is saying a simple blessing before the meal and going around the table sharing the things we are thankful for.

What are your traditions old and new? Dress up or down? Friends and family? Whipped cream or ice cream for the pies? Best china or paper plates? Potato filling or bread stuffing? (I’m getting hungry.)

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