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Introducing The Right-Wing Headline Generator

Photo credit: Bernt Rostad

Photo credit: Bernt Rostad

Well, I finally figured out what to do with all my old PCs and laptops: cobble them together into a homemade supercomputer that converts news and opinion into right-wing headlines!

For today’s initial shakedown run, I fed the RWHG 999000 a variety of recent stories and blog posts, then generated output in all three formats: Newspaper/Tabloid, Blog, and Sarah Palin Facebook Post.  Sample results are below – just click on the headlines to view the original source material.

Hero cop stands up to activist judge

NYPD taking no chances with OWS cyberterror threat

Time-traveling Occupy Portland protesters aiding and abetting rapists

Hero judge recognizes food stamp fraud most serious threat to US economy

Lamestream media doesn’t understand that real men don’t need an hour to explain themselves

Conservative community wary of unserious, self-promoting egomaniacs

Americans finally get serious about retirement planning

Study shows that the 1% raise exceptional, successful children

Study shows that Rick Perry has exceptional, successful buddies

OWS hippiecrites caught using a bank to deposit their Sorosfare checks, liberalism discredited once and for all

Activist judges refuse to recognize AZ GOP’s constitutional right to favorable redistricting

GOP prez candidates all strong, savvy on foreign policy and national security

Millionaire liberal elitist class traitors demand destruction of economy

Blue Texan leaves prominent liberal blog, will now report to Soros directly

Technology is awesome.

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