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Cop Dragging A Woman By Her Hair?


Over the life of the #Occupy Wall Street Movement, I have experienced its beating heart mostly from the LiveStream pickups of those hosting the video chats from their occupation sites. Of course the numbers of viewers climb enormously whenever individual occupy streams are linked through Global Revolution, especially when police are raiding and destroying the property of the occupiers and, often violently, making arrests.

Up front, I want to be open that the data that has collected within the visual hard drive of my brain may be forming a faulty analysis of what my eyes have recorded. Still, that message is clearly solidifying toward a conclusion that some cops use their orders as a means to release otherwise suppressed animosity toward females. Please offer your comments as either confirming or disputing the following:


1)      Most often, the first arrests made are of women occupiers, perhaps the ease of which primes the adrenaline for the inevitable mano a mano confrontations.
Direct Pepper-spraying of Female Protester in Portland

2)      Since white shirt NYPD cop Tony Bologna singled-out women for pepper spray, it appears pepper spray aimed as a first defense against female occupiers turns out to be common policy.

3)      The chance to baton the softest areas of the female body are, for many cops, too tempting to resist.

4)      Some cops who’d like to punch a woman in the face (see my diary The Punch Felt Around the World) do.

5)      Cops especially like the opportunity offered by long-haired females (view above video) to drag such females by the hair across the pavement to be zip-cuffed.


Granted, most cops make arrests with the least amount of physical power needed. Yet, there appears to a commonality of a few among the male legions of cops who use the power of their uniforms not so much to serve the public as to vent their frustrations and, perhaps, internal hatred of women.

U.C. Davis students

Spraying sitting U.C. Davis students like they were bugs

In my previous dairy, the video of what appeared to be a cop punching a female protester in the face produced comments wishing the evidence of the punch was clearer, for we only see the woman’s stunned and tearful reaction, but not the collision of black-gloved fist to flesh. I have accepted the verdict as inconclusive, but barely.

In today’s video, recorded at Thursday’s “Shutdown Wall Street March” in NYC, we see a cop dive at a female protester and, with one hand, drag her across the pavement, where other cops help him zipcuff her. We hear a male voice cry out that the cop was dragging her by her hair. I am not convinced, for my eyes see the woman’s backpack and, no matter how intensively I reviewed and strategically paused the video, I am unable to conclude whether she was dragged by the straps of her backpack or, as the male protester claimed, by her hair.

Perhaps your eyes are younger and sharper than mine. What do yours see?




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