Thursday Night Basset Blogging – The Shakening

There were other better pictures of Wembley in this batch but they lacked the strand of of drool that glistens and beguiles like a bejeweled stalactite of slime.

On another note, you may recall what we at the time called Wembley’s incapacitating boner episode from back in September. It was quite an exciting fall season premiere rivaling the first episode of Homeland but now it has become a recurring problem that has happened three times that we are aware of (Jeebus knows what he does when we’re not around). Anyway, it appears that we put the cart penis before the horse and  Wembley is actually having seizures which in turn cause those impressive yet pesky erections. A visit to the vet and the elimination of any possible external causes seems to indicate that he has a mild form of epilepsy. Since I’m home with him full time now, I can monitor the frequency of occurrences as well as what precedes them and then we can make a determination on whether to run a battery of tests that may lead to him being put on anti-convulsants. Not the end of the world, just another bump.

Of course, I’m going to be pissed if the state of California doesn’t give me one of those handicap placards for when I take him in the car with me. Lord knows, they give them out for less

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