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The Occupy Sites The National Media Won’t Tell You About

As I mentioned last night, there are plenty of Occupy locations around the country that get along just fine with the local authorities. These are the places that don’t throw up expensive business-and-traffic-killing barriers, or order up even more expensive cops being paid overtime to pepper spray, beat with batons, tear gas, flash-bang and shoot rubber bullets at unarmed Iraq war veterans, 84-year-old retired schoolteachers, pregnant women, and Methodist ministers.

Amazingly enough, allowing the Occupiers some space to make their point, and not ordering up cop-inflicted violence against them, results in not only peaceful coexistence, but far less overtime for law enforcement personnel — which results in saving money!

We already know about Occupy Des Moines, Occupy Detroit, Occupy Cleveland, and the city-owned part of Occupy Albany (where the mayor and his administration stand foursquare for the Occupiers and against 1%er (and 1%er stooge) Randy Andy Cuomo). But only just today have I heard about Occupy Louisville. Or Occupy Philadelphia, which is currently negotiating a compromise with the city fathers and mothers, and without said fathers and mothers sending in riot-geared, badge-covered cops with batons and pepper spray. It makes me wonder what other relatively non-harassed Occupy locations exist out there.

Let’s list the other Occupy locales that get along well with the local officialdom. Put them in the comments and I’ll either update this post or start a new one. Thanks!

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