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#OccupySupply: Nearing $100,000 Raised to Support Occupations Everywhere

UPDATE: We did it! With your help we’ve now raised over $104,000 $105,000 to purchase and distribute supplies to the occupations! Thanks to everyone who has supported the fund – this was all you.

Donna, James and Tyson sporting #OccupySupply gear at Occupy Memphis

Hey every one, we’ve almost raised $100,000 for the Occupy Supply fund! This is absolutely incredible and we could not have done it without you.

So far we’ve spent $81,835.71 on a whole panoply of cold weather gear — hats, long underwear, heavy jackets, food, generators, sleeping bags and so much more — and we’re just getting started.

Help us keep the momentum going — chip in $20 to help us buy Tiny Tiny Homes, USA-Made 0-degree sleeping bags and other shelter materials!

PS: If you haven’t seen it already, check out Glenn Greenwald’s take on the OccupySupply fund over at Salon today.

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Brian Sonenstein

Brian Sonenstein

Publishing Editor at Shadowproof and columnist at Prison Protest.