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Sign Up for #OccupySupply Liaison Webinar Meetup & Training Tonight at 8pm ET

If I’ve been a bit AWOL from the front page lately, it’s because everyone at the FDL Membership Program has been workingnon-stop to secure OccupySupply goods and training members to be liaisons to distribute them.  Glenn Greenwald has a great piece up on OccupySupply this morning, featuring Ryan Cook in his OccupySupply shack (with great photos by Jon Walker).

Occupations around the country have been really pleased with the amazing quality of the union made cold-weather goods that we have been able to send them.  In some cities the supplies have been invaluable in helping people who are suffering form exposure.

But we don’t just dump boxes off at anonymous PO boxes — we  rely heavily on local FDL member liaisons in each city to interact with their occupy community, determine their needs and communicate them to us, and then deliver the goods we send directly to them and report back about how they are used.  Staying in personal contact with each community has helped us to be quickly responsive to their unique needs, which can change very fast.

Our weekly liaison webinars are fascinating, as we hear members talking about the challenges facing their occupations and solutions that are being pursued.  It’s probably the most comprehensive weekly snapshot of the state of occupations across the country I’m aware of.

If you’ve already joined the FDL Membership Program and you’d like to be part of the liaison team in your community responsible for delivering goods to your local occupation, there’s a webinar training tonight at 8pm. We’ll also hear from liaisons about what has happened in their occupation this week.  If you’re a member you can sign up here.  If you haven’t joined the membership program and you’re interested in being a liaison, you can join here.  Many cities (especially the smaller ones) don’t have any liaisons yet, so if you’re looking for a way to help your local occupation, it’s a great way to be of service.

You can also donate to the FDL Membership Program’s OccupySupply fund here. 100% of all donations received to go purchasing and distributing union made and American made products to occupations across the country.  To date we have raised almost $90,000 and  spent $85,000.  We use union shippers and we buy carbon offsets for each package we send.

And we LOVE photos.  It’s so amazing to see people getting good use out of high quality, union made OccupySupply items.  Many thanks to @Tosfm and the folks at #OccupyPittsburgh for tweeting the photo above after FDL member RFShunt delivered OccupySupply gear to them.  We just sent off another box with 189 pieces of clothing & blankets to you, so RFShunt should be bringing them soon!

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