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Live Blog for #Occupy Movement: ‘Occupy the Subways’ & Brooklyn Bridge March Unfolds

From early this morning to now, Occupy Wall Street has been out demonstrating as close to the New York Stock Exchange as they could get and then in Liberty Square later in the morning. The action has been a part of November 17, a massive day of international action. In Los Angeles, Dallas, Portland and Athens, Greece, there has been major activity.

Every hour there have been arrests. Every hour it seems like there has been some kind of police scuffle with protesters. Every police scuffle it seems force has been used and brutality has happened. [The video below is fairly representative of how police have handled demonstrators thus far. And, for a recap of the action, here is the live blog from the morning.]

Firedoglake’s premier live blog resumes now. It will be tracking the “Occupy the Subways” action closely along with any march across the Brooklyn Bridge or to Union Square, etc. These are the specific plans (via

3:00pm — Occupy the Subways
We will gather at 3:00pm at 16 central subway hubs and take our own stories to the trains, using the “People’s Mic”. Details here.

5:00pm — Take the Square, Festival of Lights on Brooklyn Bridge
At 5:00pm thousands will gather at Foley Square in solidarity with laborers demanding jobs to rebuild this country’s infrastructure and economy. They will encircle City Hall and march across the Brooklyn Bridge, carrying thousands of handheld lights, as a festival of lights to celebrate two months of a new movement to reclaim our democracy.

Here is a Twitter list to follow for the latest news on the day of action.

9:35 PM The police seem to routinely grab people’s hair when making arrests, especially if you are a female.

9:34 PM ICYMI: Karl Rove was mic checked by Occupy Baltimore at a recent speaking event

9:18 PM Former police captain Ray Lewis has message for NYPD and thinks they should not be Wall Street mercenaries. Lewis was arrested earlier today. (video)

9:12 PM Photo from The Oregonian of protester being pepper sprayed. It is another visceral image.

7:40 PM Occupy LA tried to expand into another site. The site is owned by Brookfield Properties, which also owns Liberty Square. The police have surrounded this area and demonstrators are on the perimeter watching as riot police evict occupiers and take down tents that were put up in what I think is the Bank of America Plaza. [Watch live stream here.]

7:38 PM Occupy Supply has raised over $105,000 to go toward donations to occupations all over the United States [Glenn Greenwald’s post about the campaign.]

7:16 PM Journalist Faith Laugier who was violently arrested during the day of action.

6:48 PM Earlier, @MacedbyNYPD this photo was taken of projection on supreme court building

6:38 PM Meet the squad of goons and shills Brookfield Properties now has in the park doing “security” in Liberty Park

6:33 PM Another livestream shows occupiers trying to get to the Brooklyn Bridge right now.

6:28 PM Union leaders and city council members coordinate action with police—99 of them to show solidarity with the 99%. Press cover and NYPD on best behavior. This is coordinated and planned in advance and happens before all the marchers leaving Foley Square reach the Brooklyn Bridge

6:19 PM Nearly a thousand turn out for Occupy Boston march to Charlestown Bridge

6:17 PM Arrests on Market Street bridge in Philadelphia begin (via @DustinSlaughter)

6:12 PM

6:06 PM @alaskakee has photo of sound cannon at base of Brooklyn Bridge

Unions supposedly have leaders headed to Brooklyn Bridge now.

5:47 PM NYPD could learn something from CPD. Commander/officers are asking individuals occupying LaSalle Street bridge in Chicago to move or be arrested. They are giving them a clear opportunity to commit civil disobedience or not.

5:36 PM There are “bridge actions” happening all over the country. SEIU is pushing this kind of activism. Here is what looks like a roundup on the day’s action so far.

Right now, there is an action at Market St in Philadelphia.

Occupy Chicago has taken over the LaSalle Street bridge just before rush hour is to begin (via @beckyjw11)

5:24 PM Scene is unfolding now at The New School. Occupiers are in the building. The administration of the school is supportive. However, police are blocking the entrance. There is a group that is hanging behind to support those inside the building.

5:16 PM @NBCNewYork reports “Chopper 4 just told by NYPD to move — they are closing airspace over protests.” Probably not a good sign. Part of city obstructing media from covering protests. The good thing is all of this coverage of the Occupy movement is something Americans are interested in following, whether sympathetic or not. News organizations would be foolish to not invest resources in coverage.

5:12 PM “Bloomberg, beware! Zuccotti Park is everywhere!” occupiers chant as they march from Union Square to Foley Square

5:11 PM Report that New School security asked cops to leave. Occupation can last indefinitely, the New School president said. (Cops were blocking entrance to New School.)

5:10 PM March is going to join unions at Foley Square. The square is now full. Thousands of people are in this march, which is split in two.

4:32 PM Officers gave an order to disperse to student march from Union Square to Foley Square. Arrests seemed likely. Large police force. But, march is moving down Broadway on two-month anniversary of the beginning of OWS. (Vide0)

4:14 PM Now march from Union Square headed to Foley Square. People are marching down the street.

4:10 PM Mayor Michael Bloomberg and NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly appear at press conference. They talk about supposed injuries to cops during protests. They completely ignore or overlook injuries to protesters. Also, Bloomberg goes to great lengths to emphasize how city was not shut down. Business as usual was able to happen in the city. He also emphasizes the fact that it is hard to tell how many protesters were in Manhattan today. He says barely a thousand, if that, demonstrated. He really works to downplay the numbers and goes so far as to say he doesn’t think many people will be out for evening protests at all.

3:52 PM From student rally @TheOther99:

3:45 PM LAPD riot squad headed to Occupy LA (via @OccupyLA)

3:38 PM More than 170 arrests today (via @OccupyArrests). Here is a spreadsheet that shows all the arrests that have happened cumulatively at each occupation during the movement so far.

3:30 PM

3:22 PM From earlier, police beat and bloody a protester. Blood drips on the ground.

3:17 PM Students are rallying in Union Square now. Speeches are being given. Focus is on cost of tuition, student dependence on internships, unemployment, etc

3:14 PM Occupy DC marches into Georgetown – video

3:06 PM A reporter for The Daily Caller was beaten by NYPD and then helped by protesters. Think Progress has posted a report.

3:00 PM Firsthand account of police violence at Liberty Park from member of the OWS Library

2:52 PM Plan is to meet at Foley Square at 5 pm to retake “our bridges”—rally there will try to take off across Brooklyn Bridge.

2:49 PM This is a list of hubs where people will be meeting for Occupy the Subways.

2:40 PM Photo of protester bloodied by NYPD

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