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“fairness” is a con job..

This concept of fairness being bantered about is a con job. Fairness implies that some activity must be balanced – like a thief robs a bank and to be fair about the conflict of the robbery, each party should get their fare share. It is impossible for fairness to exist in any fashion or reasoableness with first having a BALANCE OF POWER. When 2 parties are equal in power and resources then you can have fairness. The con is that cons using the word fairness today do not consider that an action in any way change the current power pecking order relationship. It’s the old 2-for-me-1-for-you con job. Imagine.. a wealther person paying the same tax percent as a needy person being considered fair. It isn’t fair. That’s the con. The wealthy person paying the tax is paying the tax on an income disparity (the 2:1 con) which isn’t at all fair because the relatinship is not fair. Then the con comes back and says that the wealthy person earns his income fairly and that the needy person has an equal opportunity to do so. That’s a lie. The con is that the wealthy person employs an extortive relationship (unfair) by threatening harm to the employee to get that income. The other con is that the needy person really doesn’t have an equal opportunity to achieve what the wealthy person has. And the third and undisclosed con is the presumption that the needy person should have to chase wealth and play the extortion game against other citizens – to betray a balance of power among his friends and community – to do what the wealthy do.

The plain fact is – once power is achieved, it is maintained. And power over others is a chokehold over everything one lives for. Once persons who are aligned with such power over others they view any objection by their victims to this off-balance relationship as violent, etc and the perpetrators of this fraud off-balance-of-power relationship always employ armed forces and police to oppose objectors. The perpetrators of this fraud off-balance pecking order relationship also make efforts to occupy and/or buy off politicians (to write laws against those trying to remove that chokehold) and the court system.

Fairness has no place in a pecking order structure. The truth is, pecking order people don’t fit in a democracy. They are different. Ever watch ducks?

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