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Does Obama Condone Police Violence Against Occupy Protesters?

From his complete silence on the issue, even after the Scott Olsen incident, I think we have the answer to that, or does President Obama think silence means he escapes presidential responsibility to defend the Constitution and Bill of Rights against police violence? Anyway, further confirmation today from AP:

Obama: Each city must decide how to handle Occupy Wall Street demonstrations

President Barack Obama’s spokesman is suggesting the president believes it’s up to New York and other municipalities to decide how much force to use in dealing with Occupy Wall Street demonstrations.

… He said the administration’s position is that each municipality has to make its own decisions about how to handle these issues.

When OWS demonstrators’ constitutional rights to assembly and free speech are violated, the President is silent. Mayors, do as you please.

P.S. For more on police violence at Zucotti Park and toward news reporters covering the removal of protesters there, read Reporters Say Police Denied Access to Protest Site.

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