Bookburning USA: Obama’s Traitor Troops Trash OWS Library as his EPA Awards Book-Burners for Outstanding Recycling — by NormanB (“Deviations from the Norm”)

According to two of President Obama’s most consistent supporters [Michael Moore and Keith Olbermann], the storm troopers who swept into Occupy camps yesterday Torturing protesters across the country were doing so under President Obama’s direction.

They clubbed and gassed peaceful protesters, destroyed their homes (shredded tents), and threw their world-famous library into dump trucks – garbage trucks. None of these Traitors who took part in these Acts of War against the American people has yet been charged or arrested.

When Rachel Maddow on MSNBC showed photos of some of the books displayed by the NYPD (Nazi York Police Department), she noted that the photo had prompted Occupy Wall Street librarians to ask “Where are the rest of our books?”

And, to rub our nose in his destruction of our books, and in his destruction of our Rights, last week President Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) praised book-destruction company Better World Books and presented it with the EPA’s WasteWise Small Business Partner of the Year Award.

(What does the P in EPA stand for anyway? The EPA is P-ing on us again.)

The last time I reported on Better World Books’ disgraceful practice, they insisted that I let people know that they did not actually burn the thirty-five million books they’ve destroyed so far. The company did not tell me how they do destroy the books.

If the chosen method of book destruction is recycling it into paper, then an environmentally destructive coagulant must be purchased from DuPont in order to process that gathered paper scrap back into wood-pulp paper. In such cases, DuPont (a company whose CEO regularly meets with the President) profits off every book. DuPont is the worst climate and pollution villain on the planet. VP Joe Biden has for decades enjoyed a cozy relationship with DuPont, the largest tax payer in his home state of Delaware.

Book Burning USA Better World Books collects used books from universities, libraries and elsewhere, then destroys 50% of them, to make the enterprise profitable.

You’ll see in the interview below from Bloomberg TV that the fake hippie CEO of Better World admits destroying half of the 70 million books the company collected.

Lib and Let Lib — by Norman B (“Deviations from the Norm”)

  • Don’t libra
  • the libro
  • or you’ll lose your libre.


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