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More “good” news, the British are also owned … onto Iran

So special interests, the rich, and corporations, control this country.  They decide what happens, invariably to the detriment of the 99% .  This country is now a “democracy”, in name only.  And the corporate jackboot on our necks presses a little more everyday.

But we’re not alone.  Woohoo.

J14 protests (covered exceedingly well here) in Israel over rising costs, inequality, unaffordable homes for regular people, … basically the Israeli people are under the same jackboot; we are being crushed by the American elite, and they are being crushed by the Israeli elite.  We have been led down into the depths of perpetual war, … and so have they.  Not so different after all.  And of course our obsequious fawning over any Bibi visit by Congress.  Yay, the bipartisanship unicorn has been found; all we needed was a little Bibi.

And now the British.  Well it seems the British have been planning to help out their old friends –

UK military steps up plans for Iran attack amid fresh nuclear fears

British officials consider contingency options to back up a possible US action as fears mount over Tehran’s capability.

And before all the pinko-commie leftist socialist communists get their undies in a bunch, it’s “just” some contingency plans.  Right?  There’s no other evidence to suggest it’s not “just” a contingency plan, right?  I mean, there’s no IAEA report that’s pushing this is there?  Oh boy … The Little Iran Nuclear Report that Couldn’t.

A key allegation in the IAEA report on Iranian nuclear activities has fallen apart. Gareth Porter has been able to use interviews and other material to demonstrate that Vyacheslav Danilenko, a Russian scientist referred to without being identified in the report, is not a nuclear weapons expert. His field is nanotechnology (making tiny machines), and Iran has been looking into making diamonds with nanotechnology, bypassing the middle man.

Danilenko in a WP op-ed explains further.

Iran responds to the charges in the IAEA affair.

Russia has already signaled that it does not intend to allow further security council sanctions to be placed on Iran, despite the new report.

That dude Juan Cole, I really hate it when he’s correct.  Cause it’s not a pretty picture he’s painting (frankly it’s downright batshite crazy and scary picture).

The Danilenko mistake reminds me of an incident in Iraq. In 2000 and after, US surveillance satellites picked up renewed activity at an old biological weapons lab. The hawks in the administration took the information as proof that Saddam Hussein had started back up his quest for biological weapons.

After the US invasion, inspectors were sent to this site and they found it that it had been looted. All the metal pipes, etc., were gone.

So what the US had interpreted as a sign of a revived weapons laboratory was no such thing.

Caveat emptor

Will we buy it?  Sadly it doesn’t matter.  We will, but it won’t matter.  Even if we didn’t, we still go to war.  Thus the ways of the empire, and Emperor Osterity.

But what about the British?  You know those tea-drinking and crumpet-eating old friends (after we revolted against them of course).  Well it seems that their leaders (and there’s still a lot of questions about which ones exactly know or don’t know), have been working behind the scenes for quite some time getting “things ready” for a little international fiesta, … in Tehran.

Matthew Gould and the Plot to Attack Iran (“Please feel free to re-use and republish this article anywhere, commercially or otherwise. It has been blocked by the mainstream media. I write regularly for the mainstream media and this is the first article of mine I have ever been unable to publish. People have risked a huge amount by leaking me information in an effort to stop the government machinery from ramping up a war with Iran. There are many good people in government who do not want to see another Iraq. Please do all you can to publish and redistribute this information.”)

raise vital concerns about a secret agenda for war at the core of government, comparable to Blair’s determination to drive through a war on Iraq …

This is a detective story. …

Matthew Gould was the only British Ambassador who Fox and Werrity met together. They met him six times. Why? …

O’Donnell had said that Gould, Fox and Werritty had met on 6 February 2011:

“in Tel Aviv. This was a general discussion of international affairs over a private dinner with senior Israelis. The UK Ambassador was present.”

There was something very wrong here. Any ex-Ambassador knows that any dinner with senior figures from your host country, at which the British Ambassador to that country and a British Secretary of State are both present, and at which international affairs are discussed, can never be “private”. You are always representing the UK government in that circumstance. The only explanation I could think of for O’Donnell’s astonishing description of this as a “private” dinner was that the discussion was far from being official UK policy. …

So what’s the big deal?  3 British government officials meeting secretly and some meetings at Zionist events.  One is Mathew Gould, a British Ambassador to Israel and the two others, Fox and Werrity, from “opposing” teams and with significant connections inside the British government.  Questions by the journalist openly refused or misdirected by the government.  Even when an official government official asks, same response.

The government could clear up these matters if it answered some of the questions it refuses to answer, even when asked formally by a member of parliament. The media have largely moved on from the Fox-Werritty affair, but have barely skimmed the surface of the key questions it raises. They relate to secrecy, democratic accountabilty and preparations to launch a war, preparations which bypass the safeguards of good government. The refusal to give straight answers to simple questions by a member of perliament strikes at the very root of our democracy.

Who does this guy think he is?  Governments don’t respond to the people.  Ludicrous.  And,

Matthew Gould was Deputy Head of Mission at the British Embassy in Iran, a country which Werritty frequently visited, and where Werritty claimed to have British government support for plots against Ahmadinejad. Gould worked at the British Embassy in Washington; the Fox-Werritty Atlantic Bridge fake charity was active in building links between British and American neo-conservatives and particularly ultra-zionists. Gould’s responsibilities at the Embassy included co-ordination on US policy towards Iran. The first meeting of all three, which the FCO refuses to date, probably stems from this period.

According to my source, there is a long history of contact between Gould and Werritty. The FCO refuse to give any information on Gould-Werritty meetings or communications except those meetings where Fox was present – and those have only been admitted gradually, one by one. We may not have them all even yet.

My source says that co-ordinating with Israel and the US on diplomatic preparation for an attack on Iran was the subject of all these meetings. That absolutely fits with the jobs Gould held at the relevant times. The FCO refuses to say what was discussed. My source says that, most crucially, Iran was discussed at the Tel Aviv dinner, and the others present represented Mossad. The FCO again refuses to say who was present or what was discussed.

On Wednesday 2 November it was revealed in the press that under Fox the MOD had prepared secret and detailed contingency plans for British participation in an attack on Iran.

There are very important questions here. Was Gould really discussing neo-con plans for attacking Iran with Werritty and eventually with Fox before the Conservatives were even in government? Why did O’Donnell’s report so carefully mislead on the Fox-Gould-Werritty axis? How far was the FCO aware of MOD preparations for attacking Iran? Is there a neo-con cell of senior ministers and officials, co-ordinating with Israel and the United States, and keeping their designs hidden from the Conservative’s coalition partners?

So these are very interesting questions.  But the lack of answers, ie. the British government’s refusal to answer, is particularly troubling.

Is this not precisely the situation we were in with Blair and Iraq? Have no lessons been learnt?

There is a further question which arises. Ever since the creation of the state of Israel, the UK had a policy of not appointing a jewish Briton as Ambassador, for fear of conflict of interest. As a similar policy of not appointing a catholic Ambassador to the Vatican. New Labour overturned both longstanding policies as discriminatory. Matthew Gould is therefore the first jewish British Ambassador to Israel.

Matthew Gould does not see his race or religion as irrelevant. He has chosen to give numerous interviews to both British and Israeli media on the subject of being a jewish ambassador, and has been at pains to be photographed by the Israeli media participating in jewish religious festivals. Israeli newspaper Haaretz described him as “Not just an ambassador who is jewish, but a jewish ambassador”. That rather peculiar phrase appears directly to indicate that the potential conflict of interest for a British ambassador in Israel has indeed arisen.

It is thus most unfortunate that it is Gould who is the only British Ambassador to have met Fox and Werritty together, who met them six times, and who now stands suspected of long term participation with them in a scheme to forward war with Iran, in cooperation with Israel. This makes it even more imperative that the FCO answers now the numerous outstanding questions about the Gould/Werritty relationship and the purpose of all those meetings with Fox.

There is no doubt that the O’Donnell report’s deceitful non-reporting of so many Fox-Gould-Werritty meetings, the FCO’s blunt refusal to list Gould-Werritty, meetings and contacts without Fox, and the refusal to say who else was present at any of these occasions, amounts to irrefutable evidence that something very important is being hidden right at the heart of government. I have no doubt that my informant is telling the truth, and the secret is the plan to attack Iran. It fits all the above facts. What else does?

Well this info. is not comforting.  One more heaped on piece of shite to a pile that already to high and way to deep.  My outrage is completely exhausted.  I mean every bloody day, it’s something new and even more shocking.  Now I’m just at resignation.

Let the piling continuing.  Bullshite.  Even more shite.  Higher and deeper.

P.S. An example of how even the British NHS will eventually be privatized (this will happen in Canada too),

Andrew Lansley’s NHS is all about private sector hype

Circle has little know-how on running a hospital the size of Hinchingbrooke, but that doesn’t seem to bother the government.


Oh ya they own the place.  And that place.  Every place.  The world.  No where to run to …

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