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Monday must-reads: what’s your take on this cornucopia of stories?

Some of the more interesting stories floating around social media today that I’d love to hear your thoughts on

* Penn State, my final loss of faith (WaPo Guest Voice). Written by Penn State graduate Thomas L. Day, who is a Catholic, a native of State College, an acquaintance of Jerry Sandusky’s, and a product of his Second Mile foundation.

One thing I know for certain: A leader must emerge from Happy Valley to tie our community together again, and it won’t come from our parents’ generation.

They have failed us, over and over and over again.

I speak not specifically of our parents — I have two loving ones — but of the public leaders our parents’ generation has produced. With the demise of my own community’s two most revered leaders, Sandusky and Joe Paterno, I have decided to continue to respect my elders, but to politely tell them, “Out of my way.”

They have had their time to lead. Time’s up. I’m tired of waiting for them to live up to obligations.

* Harris May Be One-of-a-Kind Mayor. Chatham, NJ mayor-elect Bruce Harris is likely to be the 1st openly gay, black, Republican mayor in the U.S.

“I think we’ve gone through an interesting time,” [Leanna Brown, a borough resident and former state senator] said. “There’ve always been people who have made their sexual preferences known, and people didn’t care. If 30 years ago people were making a big deal about [sexuality], Bruce wouldn’t have made it.

“But I think it would have been a bigger deal that he is a person of color. Historically, Chatham has not had a large African American population. … Today, I think you could count on one hand the number of black families,” Brown said.

* Equality NC meets in Triad to push Amendment One opposition. Great video summary by News14Carolina about the Equality North Carolina Foundation Conference and activists’ challenge to a proposed constitutional amendment next May that would ban gays and lesbians from marrying (and worse). My coverage is here, including video of NC NAACP chair Rev. Dr. William Barber delivering his open letter opposing marriage amendment.

* GLAAD: Public Radio International’s To The Point’s host Warren Olney apologizes for linking Penn State scandal to gay and lesbian parenting. It’s weak; a non-apology.

After speaking with GLAAD, Olney issued an apology and agreed to clarify the error on-air on Monday.

“We apologize for any confusion about today’s “To the Point,” which dealt with both the Penn State child-sex scandal and the issue of same-sex couples as foster or adoptive parents. The connection we intended to make was this: a suspected pedophile backed by a powerful institution was allowed to have foster children, while same-sex couples, who can provide loving families, are often denied that opportunity. We’ll air listener comments and further discussion on Monday’s program.”

“Attempting to link these two completely unrelated issues isn’t just bad journalism, it’s dangerous,” said Mike Thompson, Acting President of GLAAD. “The perpetuation of these myths damages the hundreds of thousands of healthy children being raised by loving gay and lesbian couples today.”

* Four Signs Herman Cain Isn’t Really Running for President. The Nation’s Ari Melber things this is all a giant head fake. The four? 1. Iowa. 2. Everywhere Else. 3. “The World’s Most Expensive Book Tour” 4. “I have not raised my prices”. Sounds like it’s all about the Benjamins in Cain’s pocket.

* The GOP Debate: No One Really Measured Up: “Most presidents are judged by their performance as commander in chief. All the GOP candidates gave us reason to worry about what they might do.” (National Journal). Yep, it’s the Clown Car on foreign policy:

Asked about Iran [Romney] declared bluntly that this is “of course President Obama’s greatest failing.” Since he’s lodged similar charges about Obamacare and other policies it seemed to be, for Romney, a bit of slippage back into the kind of careless hyperbole associated with his first presidential campaign. “If we re-elect Barack Obama, Iran will have a nuclear weapon and you elect me as the next president, they will not have a nuclear weapon,” he said, without offering up anything resembling evidence.

Herman Cain, already struggling for credibility against accusations of sexual harassment, sounded very much like a stammering grad student who had just spent the night cramming for exams. He didn’t get anything dramatically wrong, but he didn’t demonstrate anything close to mastery of any issue and evinced a worrisome lack of depth. When asked whether Pakistan was America’s “friend or foe,” he answered: “We don’t know. Because Pakistan, it’s not clear.” In truth, U.S. policymakers have known for years that Pakistan has been playing a double game with the United States, helping against terrorism in some areas, aiding its own sponsored terrorists in other areas. It’s disconcerting to think Herman Cain still would have to master that brief as president.

* And in related Clown Car News, there was this most disconcerting Tweet today: RT @thinkprogress: BREAKING: New national poll from @ppppolls has Newt Gingrich in the lead!

* More fun for Mittens as well: In Private Sector, Romney Firm Devastated Families With Layoffs.

When Bain took over Dade International, a shoe maker, records show that Romney’s firm laid of 1,700 people in pursuit of the profit that gave Romney the money to own multiple luxury mansions. The Dade deal was one of the biggest acquisitions during Romney’s tenure at Bain.

In 2007, Romney was asked by the New York Times about his work and the job losses he caused. He said, “Sometimes the medicine is a little bitter, but it is necessary to save the life of the patient.”

* And you know that I had to post one batsh*t item about WingNutDailyFarah Wants “Sharia-Friendly,” “Pro-Perversion” Norquist Out Of The Conservative Movement (People for the American Way’s Right Wing Watch).

WorldNetDaily editor Joseph Farah today declared that it’s “time to dump Grover Norquist” and kick him out of the conservative movement, adding his name to other right-wing activists like Frank Gaffney,Pamela GellerDon FederTom McClusky and Erick Erickson who want to give Norquist the boot. Farah said that Norquist’s “decision to bless GOProud,” the gay conservative group which has Norquist on itsAdvisory Council, shows that he is “unashamedly pro-perversion.” In addition, Farah said that Norquist, who helped found the Islamic Free Market Institute, is “shockingly pro-Islamist and has used his well-developed connections in Washington to spread the tentacles of stealthy jihad through the corridors of power, including the White House.”

Farah ended his column by calling on the American Conservative Union and the National Rifle Association to force Norquist off their boards and to “dump him as the economic guru of the conservative movement and Republican Party”


I’ll sign off with my “What is the fashion today?” Facebook post (see my earlier blog on accepting your body image as best you can) below the fold.

Argh. Not a great pic (pale, no lip gloss). I went with this muted colorblock dress (La Redoute,, got it for half off; take a look at the rail-thin model over at that link!). Really now, an online plus-size web site with thin models?! How are you supposed to figure out if the clothes will look ok on if you have big boobs or a giant posterior?). Anyway /rant. I have on brown knee highs and my trusty Jambu Cherry brown/black shoes. Headband w/tail is from CoverYourHair ( I will have more sleep and a more colorful outfit tomorrow.


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