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Minnesotans for Marriage soft peddling its message of bigotry

Via a series of youtube videos – which I refuse to post – the group Minnesotans for Marriage is pushing a false image in its fight to keep marriage equality out of the state.

The group has gotten some folks – couples and individuals – to appear on film and talk about what marriage means to them. Of course the points they make undercut their argument because it begs the question that if marriage means so much to them, then why are they trying to keep it from others? Why are they trying to keep the stability of marriage from families simply because these particular families are comprised of couples of the same sex?

More importantly, the group Minnesotans for Marriage is intentionally soft peddling its message. Minnesotans for Marriage seems to want folks to forget that the organizations which comprise it – National Organization for Marriage and the Minnesota Family Council – operate to attack and demonize same-sex families through their various tactics.

Let’s not forget that amongst other things, the National Organization for Marriage routinely pulls the “they want your children” card to stop marriage equality.

Nor should we forget that the Minnesota Family Council has a long, ugly history of smearing the gay community.

And as the video below (which should be referred to every time these “we have to protect marriage” folks pull out their lying videos) demonstrates, the Minnesota Catholic Clergy – which is advocating that Catholics team up with the MFC – is fastly gaining dirty hands in the effort to make same-sex couples inferior:

No matter how subtle these entities try to peddle their message, we are still talking about exploiting hate, fear, and ideas of religious supremacy. And exploitation is not a Christian concept.

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Alvin McEwen

Alvin McEwen