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Cleveland: A Small Victory for OWS; A Big One for a Single Mother

In Cleveland, a single mother with two small children was facing foreclosure and eviction. Nothing new there; happens all the time. But this time, Occupy Cleveland heard about it.

Some of them went to her house and pitched a few tents in the dead of night. They brought in legal counsel, who went to a local magistrate. Just a day before the Sheriff was scheduled to evict her and her family, the magistrate issued a 30 day stay on the foreclosure.

The single mom homeowner appeared on local TV news outlets in tears, saying this bought her the time to pack properly and to come up with the funds to rent an apartment that would take her kids and allow them to continue to go to the same school.  The Cleveland OWS folks pitched in, cleaning out the trash, and bringing back boxes to help her pack.

While this is a small victory, it does show the power that people have if they just stand together and stand up for members of their communities. Meanwhile, the bank will eventually foreclose, and then probably let the house sit vacant until it becomes truly uninhabitable(after it’s stripped of all its copper and metal and the windows are broken out and the electrical system too dangerous to turn on), but hey! it’s on the bank’s books as an asset and will inflate its stock prices by means of a lie. Until the next bailout.

At least, that’s what they’re banking on(all puns intended).

Little actions like these can really help the OWS movement in the eyes of local people everywhere. If nothing else, it was well done. This was a good thing, even though it solves no longterm societal problems.

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