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With Allies Like Israel, Who Needs Enemies?

What a headline.  From the UK Telegraph:


Israel refuses to tell US its Iran intentions


Israel has refused to reassure President Barack Obama that it would warn him in advance of any pre-emptive strike on Iran’s nuclear capabilities, raising fears that it may be planning a go-it-alone attack as early as next summer. The US leader was rebuffed last month when he demanded private guarantees that no strike would go ahead without White House notification, suggesting Israel no longer plans to “seek Washington’s permission”, sources said. The disclosure, made by insiders briefed on a top-secret meeting between America’s most senior defence chief and Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s hawkish prime minister, comes amid concerns that Iran’s continuing progress towards nuclear weapons capability means the Jewish state has all but lost hope for a diplomatic solution.

Let me see if I can get this right.  It was a group of people inspired by a White Paper some of them created in the late 1990s for Netanyahu, then in his first term as Israeli Prime Minister, who then regrouped to form the Project for the New American Century, that kept on pushing for a war against Iraq, largely to help protect Israel.  They got what they wanted, much to our country’s detriment.

Now they’re pushing for war against Iran, even though such a conflict would not only seriously over-stretch our defense establishment, it would endanger our  military forces in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait and throughout the Persian Gulf area.

Tens of thousands of Americans.

A lone Israeli attack on Iran would probably result in attacks upon all our naval vessels within reach of Iranian missiles.  It  would result in Shia attacks on US forces in Iraq.  It would seriously endanger US forces in central and western Afghanistan.  It would certainly result in attacks on shipping in the Persian Gulf, Straits of Hormuz and approaches to those areas.

Don’t get me started on the ramifications for several country’s economies, including our own.

We give these assholes billions a year for weapons.  Our president serially abases himself on their behalf.  If Israeli agents gave our congress and senate a bill to pass, saying “Benjamin Netanyahu is the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful human being I’ve ever known in my life,” it would be passed by overwhelming majorities in both chambers, even if the line’s provenance was discovered during the rushes to co-sponsor and to be the first to vote.

If Alaskans look down upon some more than we do mooches, it is ingrates.  One Israeli government after another seems to want to outdo its predecessors in being both.

Allies?  My ass!

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