Kevin Gosztola’s Northeast tour continues apace. He was at Zuccotti Park on Friday, Occupy New Haven and Occupy Hartford yesterday, and he’s on his way to Occupy Providence today. There have been a few schedule changes, listed below:

OccupyProvidence: The FDL Membership OccupySupply meetup was scheduled for 2pm today, but due to a bus scheduling snafu (the Hartford to Providence bus doesn’t run on Sunday) Kevin won’t be at Occupy Providence until 3pm today. Totally my fault, and apologies to anyone who may be inconvenienced. Thankfully FDL member and Providence OccupySupply Liaison MaryLou B, who lives in Rhode Island, will be at Burnside Park, 1 Kennedy Plaza, at 2pm. Due to holiday post office issues the OccupySupply items didn’t get to her by the guaranteed time, so she’ll have to return later this week anyway to deliver items to the occupiers anyway. But if you’re there and you can’t locate her, call the FDL Membership office at 202 506-3907 and we’ll try to connect you.

OccupyBoston: We’re also moving up Kevin’s trip to Boston by a day, because it seems like a lot of things are happening there, particularly with regard to winterization. So the FDL meetup with Kevin, John Chandley and others has changed from 5pm on Tuesday the 15th to 5pm on Monday the 14th at Dewey Square Park, 700 Atlantic Ave.

OccupyBurlington: It looks like the police have shut down Occupy Burlington and will no longer allow a tent city.  We’ll try sort out what’s happening there and post updates to Kevin’s schedule in the right hand sidebar depending on what we learn.

Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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