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Live Blog for #Occupy Movement: Day 56, Occupy Oakland & Occupy Portland Face Eviction

More and more occupations are facing the threat of eviction or police crackdown.

I wrote about the Occupy St. Louis eviction last night. Occupy Portland faces an imminent eviction today along with the possibility of a crackdown from police, who may use weaponry to disperse the camp because they believe the occupation is going to retaliate against the city. And, Occupy Oakland was handed an eviction notice yesterday by Oakland Police essentially demanding they decamp. The city has yet to use force to remove them but a showdown is likely to occur this weekend.

In the midst of all this, Firedoglake’s Occupy Supply Fund continues to be brought to occupations all over the country. I am now in the beginning of a New England States tour. I am in New Haven, Connecticut. I will be reporting on Occupy New Haven, which is right by Yale University on New Haven Green.

Firedoglake’s premier live blog continues now. All times are ET.

11:11 PM Occupy Portland preparing for eviction

10:37 PM Occupiers in Denver are chased away from the building where Mayor Hancock is speaking. He is attending the Starz Film Festival.

10:28 PM Occupy Denver surrounds building where Denver Mayor Michael Hancock is giving a speech tonight.

10:14 PM Occupy Vermont in Burlington, Vermont (I will be stopping here on my New England states tour) is no longer able to have a 24-hour tent city. The city has chosen to punish the occupation because a 35 year old veteran committed suicide in the camp days ago.

9:57 PM ICYMI – This is the text of what was given to beat reporters and anyone in the press daring to come out and report on Occupy Oakland tonight. They were warned their safety may be endangered by police.

9:53 PM It seems occupiers in Denver have uncovered an undercover cop. Individual had an earpiece, no uniform.

9:48 PM Ryan Devereaux (@RDevro) of Democracy Now! has this to report from Occupy Wall Street: Police are arresting a young man who was loading and smoking some sort of pipe then attacked a protester, then started swinging at NYPD…The young man got into a verbal argument w/ a man who’s been here for weeks. Both seem to have real psychiatric issues…A police officer’s head is bleeding. The young man is now in an NYPD cruiser, sounds like he’s headed to the 1st precinct…Just listened to a protester really mangle the story when describing the incident to local press…The man who was attacked is the “Chinese flag guy.” If you’ve been here you know who he is, not exactly stable. He’s now being interviewed…The fallout of this altercation is as ugly the incident itself. Protesters try to drown out China guy’s interview, cursing at reporter.

Also, according to Devereaux, a couple has decided to get married in Liberty Park tomorrow morning.

9:37 PM Portland police have turned on floodlights at Occupy Portland

9:30 PM @MattBors tweets this pic from Occupy Portland

9:28 PM Global Revolution livestream offering viewers ability to watch Occupy Portland & Occupy Denver side by side

9:20 PM Ustream from Occupy Denver: Some occupiers have been arrested. How many is unknown. The group is moving to do jail solidarity. There have been incidents of police violence. About an hour or so ago, riot police surrounded Civic Center Park and then moved in to raid the occupation.

9:11 PM Occupy Salt Lake: Salt Lake City Police have made arrests. The first arrest was of an occupier named Margaret. Debra Wright, who worked in the kitchen, was then arrested. The unconfirmed report is that she was arrested for photographing police.

They brought in city workers to clear tents via (@OccupySaltLake):

A bulldozer was used too. (via @jonny_bouta)

9:00 PM MIA for 7 hours because I was at Occupy New Haven and Occupy Hartford. (I will post a couple photos.) I was experiencing technical difficulties with the Internet too but now all is worked out and I am ready to get on top of all that is going on with: Occupy Portland, Occupy Oakland and Occupy Salt Lake, which is being raided right now and then Occupy Denver, where arrests have been made.

I’m live blogging and touring occupations. So, inevitably, there will be instances where I am not here but you can count on updates for the next few hours.

1:41 PM AlterNet’s Joshua Holland on Occupy Oakland

1:37 PM Portland police is convinced there are militant people who have planned to retaliate when evicted tonight:

Demonstration organizers have pleaded for peace and said anyone who acts violently does not represent the movement. But police said they have information indicating an extremist element may be planning a confrontation. Officers seized pieces of cement and plywood on Friday, saying they were told some demonstrators had plans to use the cement as a weapon. A demonstrator denied the claim.

After more than a month of camping, some demonstrators began cleaning up and packing in Friday, vowing to continue their movement elsewhere.

1:36 PM Oakland City Council is helping Mayor Quan “lay the groundwork” for evicting Occupy Oakland, SF Chronicle reports

1:27 PM Hamilton County Commissioners in Tennessee hold a secret meeting on Occupy Chattanooga

1:20 PM Occupy Asheville participants are charged with trespassing after violating a park curfew

1:18 PM Another occupation facing eviction? Washington state officials want tents at Occupy Olympia removed

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