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Social Darwinism and a Nation in Denial.

Q. What can happen when the predator elements of society are allowed to hunt down the weak without restraint?

A.  Anything.

Maybe for some of us, it is easier to see the events of Penn State as an anomaly or something outside of the norm than to see it for what it truly is;  a crystal clear reflection of the Social Darwinism that is our national reality.

Rather than shocking, it should be all too familiar  by now.  Money and power corrupt.  The strong, instead of protecting the weak, seek merely to exploit them. We live in an era of unchecked social Darwinism, the consequences of this can be found in almost every institution, and in every community.  When we live in a culture that demonizes and attacks the down trodden while bowing before status and wealth, who can honestly be surprised when victims get turned into villains while the actual villains collect money, fame, and status symbols?

Can we seriously be shocked to learn that yet again, a person or persons with no money or power, with no status, and no important friends was crushed under the machinations of a corrupt system? Can this seriously come as a surprise when it happens every single day?

How does corruption and exploitation at a university relate to corruption and exploitation of natl politics? I say they are one and the same, and ultimately inseparable. I say governmental corruption and institutional corruption go together like crime and poverty, like oppression and suffering, like fear and ignorance, etc. etc.

It is worth remembering that not too long ago, Senators and Representatives in the Congress of the U.S. gave aid and protection to an island nation which happened to be a U.S. commonwealth in which the most unspeakable instances of exploitation, abuse and human suffering were tolerated for the sake of corporate profit and campaign contributions.  This was the reality on the island of Saipan, unchecked corporate criminal capitalism, rampant abuse of human rights, slave labor, forced prostitution and forced abortion, brought to us by the same ‘family value’ motherf#kers who would love nothing more than to treat us to the same conditions here in the U.S. all for the sake of profit and power.

And now, little by little, we see that this kind of exploitation IS being practiced right here at home.

The parallels are clearly discernible.  One look at the rampant and growing state of poverty in the U.S. makes it instantly apparent that our unresponsive Congress values Wall Street and campaign contributions more than they value the lives of our nation’s children.   Doesn’t that sound familiar?

When Wall Street decimated our economy, it was amazing and sickening to watch how fast our elected officials turned home owners into villains and stumbled all over themselves to shovel money and favor to the actual criminals in Wall Street.  Doesn’t that ring a bell?

Prosecution of Wall Street CEOs and hedge fund managers? Fugetaboutit! After three years there hasn’t been a single prosecution of any of the major players involved in the massive fraud and racketeering that caused the economic meltdown of 2008. In fact, politicians both Dem and Repub rushed to protect them.

In the backdrop is a decades long assault on the once numerous and thriving middle class. Income distribution in the U.S. proves that assault to have been quite successful, with the middle class presently facing near extinction.

All of which begs the question, if even the strongest in society cannot come together to stand for human rights, to demand equality, justice and accountability, what hope do the weakest among us have?

Let’s start by dispensing with denial.  We live in a republic controlled by predators.  The correct answer to the question;  Who can be surprised at the suffering of children in a society that routinely spits on the weak and defenseless?  is No One.

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