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One Percenter Hannity Again Saying #OWS Hates Jews

Hannity Claims Anti-Semites Constitute Significant Portions of OWS Crowds
Hannity and Joe Lieberman Lie About Extent of OWS Anti-Semitism and Lawlessness
On Wednesday Sean Hannity began an interview with CT Sen. Joe Lieberman describing the Occupy Wall Street movement as “taken over” by rapists, drug dealers, nudists and “tons” of anti-Semites. Hannity’s wording suggests these undesirables set the direction of the movement, influenced others or gained traction which is provably false and was debunked over a week ago point by point by CBS, the NY Times and the ADL.

Hannity ironically bemoans the bias in other media, while he remains our country’s worst offender, replaying audio from a handful of anti-Semitic protesters and lying about their proportions. These flakes were only seen fleetingly at #OWS protests out of tens of thousands in the streets worldwide protesting income disparity, pay-for-play in economic policy and criminal corruption.

Hannity’s other complaints are similarly unfounded. Women won the legal right to go topless in NYC long ago by court ruling. Hannity’s concerns about weed dealers should take him instead to Washington Square Park or The Central Park Bandshell where it’s common and far more prevalent.

Even the rapists preying on OWS protesters have been limited isolated incidents. Worthy of mention perhaps, Hannity and his co-workers at the NY Post falsely described the problem as endemic or widespread, an utter lie designed to shock, sensationalize and smear the victims.

Hannity knows he loses if he talks substantively about economic policy so he wants his audience befuddled with complaints about littering or bongo noise. Many protest signs at OWS have begun to address the media’s propaganda problem, where worker bees like Hannity still support the indefensible policies of the 1% that ruined our economy.

Hannity has been reusing the same audio of anti-Semites at Occupy sites for weeks, deceiving his audience by misrepresenting their numbers, even after his exaggerations were publicly debunked.

Sen. Lieberman piled on too, saying the OWS movement had some justifiable concerns in the beginning, but it was being “destroyed” because of the radical element Hannity describes. This too is a shameless lie – in fact the Occupy movement is growing and spreading. The site Collective Disorder has been quantifying OWS popularity by counting Facebook ‘likes’, which increased about a quarter million more in the last two weeks, now approaching two and a half million.

Marches in NY and CA have topped 10,000 but the global sites’ ongoing 24-7 occupations show the level of personal sacrifice and stamina that sparked change in the Arab Spring unlike any war, sanctions or diplomacy or government policy ever could.

The website averages 400,000 hits per day, making it one of the web’s most popular destinations, growing along with related sites, net searches and Twitter trends. Media sites from Mother Jones to have been giving it constant attention for good or for ill.

Hannity Complains About Political Payola That He Is Deeply Involved In

On Monday, convicted former lobbyist Jack Abramoff visited Hannity’s radio show to confirm what we already knew well – that Congress has been bought and paid for, but that Abramoff personally had aides from over 100 Congressional offices “in his pocket” and doing his bidding.

The exchange was a bit surreal because Hannity is currently being paid by the Heritage Foundation as he skews the news everyday. Hannity showed make-pretend concern as Abramoff explained how donations and perks translated into favorable policies for his clients at the highest levels of our government.

Hannity neatly shifted the discussion from DC to Democrats in particular, and neglected to mention that he has Karl Rove on his show weekly but never brought up his ties to Abramoff. Hannity has also hosted Ralph Reed, John Cornyn, David Vitter, Dennis Hastert and Eric Cantor on his show, as well as Conrad Burns who was a recipient of donations from Hannity’s boss. All of these Hannity’s guests have been tied to Abramoff’s “web of corruption“, yet were given a platform by Hannity and remain undiscussed after Abramoff’s admissions of guilt.

Hannity conveniently forgot that he had supported and defended Jack Abramoff’s corrupt friends-in-high-places throughout the period in question, most notably Tom DeLay, who is currently on bail appealing his three year money-laundering conviction in the same scandal. Hannity wrote the foreword in DeLay’s 2007 book.

Instead, Hannity selectively pivoted to the appearance of impropriety in the Obama administration’s Solyndra scandal, essentially a sweetheart contract awarded to a huge Obama campaign bundler George Kaiser (who progressive media had first reported on even before Solyndra declared bankruptcy).

“I’ve Got Hannity In My Back Pocket”
Don’t forget that during the 2010 senatorial campaign in Virginia, Christine O’Donnell bragged she had Hannity “in her back pocket” and could go on his show anytime to raise money. Interestingly, Hannity mentioned that Abramoff’s book describes Newt Gingrich as “clean”, the one guy that Abramoff couldn’t corrupt, a ringing endorsement of a current presidential candidate coming from a bought-off propagandist and a convicted felon trying to rehab credibility. Gingrich was in fact deeply embroiled in check-kiting scandals and much more.

We know everyone from John Boehner to Bill Clinton has been exposed in donation scandals, but it is immoral and hypocritical of Hannity to project fake outrage over Abramoff’s revelations because his bosses at News Corp have been donating millions to favored candidates even as they have been reporting on elections, supporting their campaigns editorially, helping them raise money from listeners and denying their opponents air time.

Hannity’s talk radio show is the #1 vehicle for promoting Conservative candidates in the country on radio, a valuable “perk”, and a conflict of interest worthy of a probe into the legality of electioneering over public airwaves.

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