Democrats Lose Control of Virginia Senate and Mississippi House

The Republican party has won control of the Virginia Senate after Democratic State Senator Edd Houck conceded to Republican Bryce Reeves. Their Senate is now split 20-20 with Republican Lt. Governor Bill Bolling the tie-breaking vote in the chamber. This means the Republican party now fully controls Virginia with a Republican governor and Republican majorities in both chambers of the legislature.

On election night last Tuesday the race was too close to call with less than a hundred voters separating the candidates, but after the canvasing it was clear that Reeves managed to narrowly win the seat.

In addition, as vote counting concludes in Mississippi it is now clear that the Republican party will take control of the Mississippi House of Representatives. This will be the first time the Republican party has won control of this chamber since Reconstruction. This now also gives the Republican party complete control of Mississippi state government. The Democratic loss of the Mississippi House can in part be seen as a result of the steady re-alignment of the two parties at all levels of government.

While some called the 2011 election a very good night for Democrats, it should be remembered on this good night the Democratic party lost control of two critical legislative chambers among the four states that held regular state legislative elections this year. A few more “very good nights” like this and the Democrats will be left barely controlling anything.

Things might not be as terrible for Democrats as they were in 2010, but merely ‘not terrible’ is not the same as as things actually going well.

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Jon Walker

Jon Walker

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